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The Child Hunter Is Being Hunted

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 31, 2015 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

To Whom It May Concern

{The Unknown Child Serial Killer }

Mja doesnt mind spending every day parked on a corner in the pouring rain staking you out it moves the Hunt along..

Our minds & eyes are wide open for anything that might come along..

Your mistake's & regret's they are memories made..

There are No Time Outs to start over...

Its only a matter of time because Mja has a plan..

Looking down at one of your Child Victims I saw a Child Angel thats for-sure..

Mja has seen death but you got the blood stream of the Devil & a Animal running through your vains that wont go away...

When your deaf--blind-- & dumb your stone cold eyes you can see the Evil of the Devil & a rabited Animal..

Mja has seen the pain & seen Families torn apart because of what you inflicted on to the Victims Family..

Mja will lose sleep & stay up all night hoping one night you cant control yourself & catch you in the act of the Crime..

You once said you would never be found because you live ocean to ocean..

Mja will get JUSTICE for some of your Victims..

Mja couldnt stay away & we hoped you would see our faces so you will know that for Mja it isnt over..

Our staff can see through your lies that will end up giving you away..

It must be getting hard for you to breath because all this time you have been blinded..

Your comfort Zone as been corrupted..

You got tunnel vision & your Victims came first & your safety of not being seen came last..

A pattern started to form because you had no Control...

Your life as you know it is running out on a clock that will stop when you least expect it...

Mja knows where you hide alone while driving your vehicle..

Your stuck & your out of luck & there is no way your talking your way out of these crimes..

There is no way of you coming back to the streets..

A Death Sentence could be handed down by several States & its our understanding no deal can be made...

So at least you will get Life with No Parole..

Your pure Evil & your eyes are stone cold with no feelings..

This could be the end of you killing Children because everything we know...

Mja will be on our way...

Please Dont Forget US....

Photo's In Our Photo Gallart under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting with Photo : 2593


Ending with Photo : 2595


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Mja Inc Staff


More Cold-Cases Are Being Solved

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 22, 2015 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Taking Gaints Steps Concerning Cold-Cases...

Due to good Police work from multiple Agencies..

Using high tec methods to collect Evidence & Volunteers that never gave up when leads came in several Cold-Case have been Solved..

Most of these Cases were to the point that no-one thought the Case would ever be solved...

Police Agencies are over-ran with Missing Persons & The Doe's...

It takes a village to bring some Cases to a close..

I remember a News Station sent Mja to Ny City concerning a sighting of a Missing Dancer...

The Strip-Club was around the corner from 42nd & Broadway..

We had a Photo of the Missing Person & the Reward Money being offered...

Mja question the Dancers that was working there when the sighting was to have taken place..

Leaving the Strip-Club we hit the pavement & was showing the Pic of the Missing Person on the street-in stores..

During this time on the street we ran into 4 gang-bangers as we were showing the pic & they let it be known that they were armed..

Thats when we pulled back our jackets & showed our guns were bigger than theirs..

We explained we wasn't there to report them or past crimes--Mja was only there to locate a Missing Person..

That's when the Gang-Bangers gave Mja two leads that were very helpful...

One lead was a nail salon where all the Dancers get their nails done..

Mja interviewed the employees of the nail salon..

One lead was one of gang-bangers Auntie who for 20 years ran a Parking Garage where all the Dancers in the area used...

Mja visitied the Parking Garage & Auntie asked to give her an hour & she would have the records if the Missing Person car ever parked her car there..

The leads led no-where but at least it ruled out the sighting of the Missing Person..

It takes a Village to solve a Cold-Case even though some of the Info Came from NY Gang-Bangers but they were very good leads..


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Mja Inc Staff

The United States,Crime Scene Photo's, & The Internet

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 21, 2015 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)




Mja Inc Investigations

President Reagan of the United States (1981 - 1989)

Once said that if the US didn't secure Central America Terrorist camps ran by Libya..

The Central American Cocaine trade that helped run the Terrorist Camps that the US would be hit on our soil without firing a shot..

Which came to be true : 911--they used AirPlanes...

Reagan had a plan to control the cocaine trade by burning down the coca fields..

Talk to the coca leave growers & have them grow coffee..

A coca farmer would be paid by the Cartel $ 160.00 a Kilo of 99.9 percent pure coca paste...

Where if they grew coffee,they would be relocated and make Thousands of dollars...

Congress voted No to President Reagans plan...

The President had no choice but to use black opps to carry out the plans behind Congresses back...

This how the President got the nick name : The Cocaine Cowboy...

The President knew our National Security was at risk..

There is confirmed Intel that some of the earlier Terrorists was trained in the camps in Centrla America by Libya...

This was also the time where the Libyian Dictator went on there countries National TV station where he drew a line & said to the US do not cross this line..

The Presidents response was 1986 United States bombing of Libya...

In return the Terrorists training was passed down over the years to where it grew so strong they hit the US on our soil without firing a shot..


The Iraq Prison Affair

First of all the Koran Bible who these Terrorists hide behind says the war they have engaged in is against the Koran's teachings..

Their teaching is War is only Just if its a Holy War..

Their teaching & meaning of a Holy War is all the Arab Nations have to unite to fight one common enemy...

That's not happening because several Arab Nations are considered Friends of the US...

The Detainess of Terrorists in a secure Prison there was leaked photos & the methods being used on the Terrorists..

During the thousands of years when war or conflicts are involved there is always some type of Torture from both sides..

Back in my day in government work the leaking of photos from the prison would be considered Treason punishable by Death or Life In Prison...

To be honest about the whole thing how many cases are there where someone we were torturing died from that torture...

Then compare the enemy's count how many American soldiers died from their torture ?

How many people have died  that had nothing to do with the war because of suicide bombers...

Once again against their teaching of a Holy War..

How many Americans & others have been beheaded & they were not American soldiers ?

Once again against their Bible teaching of a Holy War..

Anybody connected to the United States are targets...

Yet theseTerrorists Groups say the US are trying to control the Arab Nations & trying to teach their people how to Sin..

The last time I knew these Terrorists are funded by the Poppy Fields used to make Herion headed to the US..

Once again from their Bibles teaching this is a Sin...


The Waco Siege

The ATF & the FBI was roasted by the general public because of the out-come of this Siege...

First of all the ATF was there legally with search warrants for the Branch Davidian compound for stock piling weapons & Chemicals that could be used to make Bombs..

While serving the warrant the ATF was fired upon by the Branch Davidian on the orders of sect leader David Koresh..

ATF Agents were killed & wounded serving these search warrants..

The ATF backed off : The Waco Siege began on 2-28-1993 & ended violently 50 days later on April 19...

50 days later the ATF & FBI mounted a second assault on the compound was made & a fire destroyed the compound...

Seventy-six people (24 of them British nationals) died in the fire, including more than 20 children, two pregnant women & the sect leader David Koresh...

The ATF & the FBI used great restraint and gave the Davidian's several times for them to come out & surrender..

The Branch Davidian sec would rather die making the decisions their children would die than to come out & surrender..

Really folks how long do you think the ATF & FBI should have waited to end the Waco Siege...


Crime Scene Photo's On The Internet

In our line of work Mja has strong feeling about posting Crime Scene photo's for the whole public to see..

Its our opinion that only people who do our type of work should have access to such photo's...

Whats the value for the general public to have access to such photo's..

Its like the Victims are Victims again by being on public display...

The worse being crime scene photo's of murdered Children those type of photos shouldn't be seen by the general Public..

That's one thing Mja has never had any sensitive photo's leaked to the Public..

The Internet has been a powerful tool used by criminals & killers to line up Victims...

There are web-sites on the Internet that will give step by step how to make a Bomb..

How to take counter measures not to get caught during a Homicide..

Sites that explain step by step how to make certain types of designer drugs...

The Internet can be used for good or evil but it seems the evil is winning over the Internet...

Its also know as Investigators track a Suspect the Suspect by using the Internet tracks them to see how close the police are getting to an arrest..

The in the right persons hands the Internet can be a important tool to help solve a crime....


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Mja Inc Staff


Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 14, 2015 at 12:40 AM Comments comments (2)


Mja Inc Investigations

Since we started in 2001 we have had contact with People who claim they don't know who they are..

That they were Abducted & their whole life is a lie...

Believe me,we didn't know what to think of the stories being told...

Some sounded so impossible it was beyond any thinking that we have had about The Doe's & The Missing..

There is more Data being collected that it states some abductors keep their Victims longer sometimes for years..

Sometimes they are never killed they are just passed on to someone else..

Then sometimes you have to think about our system...

On some of these cases at this time there has been no DNA match to any Missing Person..

It also seems that the ones where there is no DNA match they seem to know about other crimes & abductions & suspects..

There is one crime in New Hampshire that is a texted book case that should have been solved but hasn't been..


4 Undentified Females Located In New Hampshire


1 Adult Female

Unidentified White Female

Estimated Age: 23-32 years old


Date of Discovery: November 10, 1985

Location of Discovery: Allenstown, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Estimated Date of Death: 1978 to 1985

State of Remains: Skeletal Remains

Cause of Death: Homicide


3 Female Children

Unidentified White Female

Estimated Age: 5-10 years


Date of Discovery: November 10, 1985

Location of Discovery: Allenstown, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Estimated Date of Death: 1978 to 1985

State of Remains: Partial Skeletal Remains

Cause of Death: Homicide


Unidentified White Female

Estimated Age: 4-8 years old


Date of Discovery: May 9, 2000

Location of Discovery: Allenstown, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Estimated Date of Death: 1978 to 1985

State of Remains: Skeletal Remains

Cause of Death: Homicide


Unidentified White Female

Estimated Age: 1-3 years


Date of Discovery: May 9, 2000

Location of Discovery: Allenstown, Merrimack County, New Hampshire

Estimated Date of Death: 1978 to 1985

State of Remains: Skeletal Remains

Cause of Death: Homicide


How does 4 People, 1 Adult & 3 Children disappear without someone Missing them ?

At this time no DNA matches to any Missing Persons Cases...

You would think someone would remember seeing an Adult with 3 Children with her..

Its like they lived off the grid or they were isolated in some way..

Maybe some type of CULT..

This is a very unusual case..


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Mja Inc Staff

1979 Caledonia New York Jane Doe Has Been Identified

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 31, 2015 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations


On 11-9-1979, a discovery was made by a passing motorist in a corn field 20 feet from Route 20 in Caledonia, New York...

A young girl, 13-19 years old was discovered dead..

She had been shot twice in the head with no evidence of being sexually assaulted... It was determined she had been shot by the road near where she was found...

A waitress from a diner in Lima, New York remembered seeing the young girl with a white male described as being 5'8"-5'9" with black wire rimmed glasses and a tan shirt...

He was driving a tan station wagon with side paneling. Several truckers also called with information about a young girl trying to hitch rides with them to Boston at truck stops...

 On 11-3-1979, 16 year-old Tammy Jo Alexander went missing from Brooksville, Florida. She was last seen the day after her 16th birthday...

She was believed to be a run away...

On 1-26-15 after DNA testing 1979 Caledonia New York Jane Doe was identified as 16 year old Tammy Jo Alexander..

Many are questioning why it took 35 years to connect these two cases together...

Tammy's family feels that there home town dropped the ball on Tammy's disappearance, and that she was wrote off because she was a teenager and a run away...

A missing persons report was filed for Tammy by her high school friend  but police departments did not have the means of communication back then that they do now..

Tammy's close friend from high school (both were Hernando High School students) never let the ball drop...

She pushed on to find answers, and 35 years later, thanks to many people's persistence and forensic technology, this mystery is solved. However, the search for Tammy's killer is still open and active. ..

Police are now on the hunt to find her killer....


Caledonia Jane Doe laid unidentified for 35 years...

Caledonia Jane Doe was laid to rest in the Mount Morris Cemetery in Dansville, New York with no name on her grave stone....




The resting place of Tammy Alexander.

On 1-26-2015 Missing : Tammy Jo Alexander from Brooksville Florida was identified as Caledonia Jane Doe...

A sketch of a person of interest that was last seen with Tammy before she was killed....

Mja started working on the case on 2-6-2002..

Photo's concerning the case can be found in our Photo Gallary under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's...

Starting with Photo 2551 & Ending Photo 2562







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Mja Inc---Mark

Our Web-Site Isnt Perfect

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on December 11, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

We are sorry that our Web-Site isnt Perfect..Typo's & such !!!

We are sorry that some people think we leave things out of stories on some cases...

But that is on purpose to peak the readers interest & maybe they will go on to research the case..

Sometimes it takes just one person to grab ahold of a case & that could help solve the case.


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Mja Inc--Mark

Where Are The Rights Of The Victims ?

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on November 22, 2014 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Make no mistake there are several people in Prison & on Death Row that are Not Guilty..

DNA & other new methods has proven this to be True...

What we are tired of is these bleeding heart Law-Makers -- Judges & Prosecutors...

Many of the sentences given to the guilty is a joke & insulting..

The suspect has so many rights it would be the size of a paper-back book..

Treat the suspect with kid gloves...

Lets dont offend the suspect..

When a person becomes a suspect there is a reason...

But yet the Victim & the Victims Family are often treated as 2nd class citizens...

The State tells the Victims Family not enough Evidence to make an arrest....

In most cases the suspects & the guilty are repeat offenders...

I started being an Investigator in the 1970's to highest bidder for Law-Enforcement Agencies...

Im here to tell you that I bent the rules on some cases to get positive results..

Even though I might have crossed the line I never lost a case & or an Appeal..

I will not lie in court so if the Defence would ask about any issue I told the Truth..

Then the Prosecutor would re-cross so I could explain my actions & why I took those types of actions...

Any Jury with common sense understands why some rules were broken..

Any Jury could think of : what if they were the Victim who should have the most rights..

If you were the Victim would you want the rights of the suspect being protected is the reason you die..

So in many cases several rules are bent..

We have proven an abduction of a child from start to finish can be done in 120 seconds & thats with other witnesses around who saw nothing...

So there are situations where an Investigator as just seconds to re-act..

Should they take more seconds to think about if they are within the law..

Its time to re-act & ask questions later...

I wasnt a cop--I was a controlled agent..

Im not going to give it a second thought about the suspects rights...

But let me be clear I would have to be 100 percent sure we have the right person or persons before I would bend any rules..

I will put the fear of god into them..

The Victim should always come first & the rights of the suspect second..

I will take my chances in court & every Agency I ever worked for knew from day one thats how I operate...

We have Prison informants know they better have something of value after we have driven 600 miles for the interviewer....

We had a serial killer that said we were crazy than he was & we needed professional help..


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Mja Inc--Kaz


Speaking Of The Higher Power

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on October 29, 2014 at 11:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

I may go to Church 3 times a year but I am a strong believer in God..

I wear a cross & have since I was 13 years old..

Mja even has a traveling Cross hanging on the rear-view mirror..

I have Hope--Charity--Faith & Love in my Heart & Fate In My Thinking..

I have felt what I consider to be from another power or directing us in our world of our moves...

I had 3 situations in my life to wear I was Kissing my Cross saying good-bye..

Things change when the end is near..

Each time I promised God something if I walked out alive..

I never gave-up...

I lived the kiss of death from the Mafia & the the drug king-pins the O"Choa Brothers..

That doesnt make me special or to have a higher purpose or bullett proof..

God just decided it wasnt my time to die on those days...

Even as I speak im still working on those promises..

I am keeping those Promises & feel our moves are being directed...

Then what painted the full picture was when we had a Family member Murdered....

There was no question : Here this was my calling giving back to the people that needs the type help that our Family needed..

Less than 3 years later on 6-1-2001 there were 3 of us who formed Mja Inc which has became known as Mja Inc Investigations..

Many of us already had this type of experience...

It was time to give back to the ones that needed it the most...


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Mja Inc--Mark

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's..Part : 9

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on October 5, 2014 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

On 10-5-14  Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 9



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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 7

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 28, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-21-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 7




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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-27-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 8



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Mja Inc Staff

Our Angels Are Still Shining

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 21, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

As an Investigator the things that could & can kill you makes you feel alive...

We are not Hero's but its our job & our calling to meet danger head on..

Personal safety of danger never crosses our mind's because we were trained to lay down our life for others..

Its engraved in our hearts,our souls,& our mind's that has never changed..

We consider it an Honor to work on the cases we have at this time..

As many others we cant forget our Angels of the Missing--the Unsolved Murders & the Doe's..

Evil thinks our Angels halo's are broken & they are forgotten..

The Truth is the Angels halo's are still shinning & many times the Angels talk & help you solve the case..

We will go to hell & back trying to find the Missing or to solve a Homicide or to Identify a Doe..

The text below is how many of us was trained & when needed we still use these methods..


While your reading this remember :

We never get tunnel vision & we will think - out-side - of - the box...

We ask for help when needed from other groups like Mja or ask their opinion..


At a Crime Scene :

" No matter how small,there is always a calling card left behind..

It just took a good pair of eyes to find it..

The crime scene of the missing,a homicide,or doe or the body or bodies will reveal these calling cards left behind..

Each slice of evidence collected will fit together to form the puzzle to be solved..

When proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,you will find each slice of evidence formed a story for you to follow.


When approaching a crime scene you must have six senses :

" Hearing,sight,touch,smell,taste,and the last being mental "..

Using your mental abilities will bring the other five together like a toss salad..

It takes mental & physical abilities to preserve the integrity of the crime scene..

The integrity of the crime scene is the up-most importance,so the calling cards left behind will reveal themselves.. "


We are the type of Investigators that we will keep the suspect In The Box for 72 hours..

Thats even if a Suspect lawyer's up...So true you cant ask the suspect any more questions..

But the Investigator can talk all they want just no questions..

Thats when you tell the suspect a story & lead the suspect down the path of how things are going to work out...

You weave the story to where you make the suspect believe that you know more than you do...

Throw in a possible witness & after the Forensic's tests come back let them know there will be no-plea bargins...


You would be surprised how many suspects still fall using this tactic & its one of the oldest tactic's in training materials..

We know younger Detectives find these methods { old school } with all the new tools they have to work with to solve a case...

But consider this there are crimes where DNA-Finger Prints-hair & fiber are never found to put the puzzle togather...

That doesnt mean the evidence wasnt there,it just wasnt found..

In return its going to take the old school Police methods to produce leads needed to solve the case..

Some of you might notice that Mja works on alot of ColdCases...

The reason being Mja has learned that in several Cold Cases the evidence needed is already in the Police File..

A kidnapping suspect had a 17 hour stand-off with Police & the suspect's uncle who was an ex-cop was in the home with the suspect..

Right after the 17th hour it was reported that the suspect killed himself..

It took one of our staff members an hour while reading the M.E. report on the suspect & he noticed the tox report couldnt be right..

The tox report showed there was enough downers & alcohol in the suspects system that the suspect would have been passed out for at least 3 hours during the Police stand-off..

Not believing it was right we called & got another copy the the reports matched..

We didnt stop there,we went to a Nurse that gives out these Meds in the Hospital...

The Nurse confirmed that the suspect would have been passed out 3 to 4 hours...

So that leads us to wonder if the suspect was passed out that long--Why didnt the Ex-Cop Uncle disarm the suspect ?

It just takes the right set of eyes to find it--thats not fiction--thats the Truth...


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 6

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 21, 2014 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-21-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 6



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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 5

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 17, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-16-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 5



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Mja Inc Staff

The 2 Youngest Staff Members Of Mja Carry-Out Their Duty

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 10, 2014 at 11:20 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

During a Volunteer search we found evidence that could have been related to a Missing Person Case...

Mja called it in to the County Sheriff's office..

After waiting 3 hours & no returned calls from the Police Mja had to move on..

So we marked where the items could be found & called it in to the County..

The following year Mja went to see if the items were collected & we could tell by the scene that they hadnt...

But our markers had been moved by wind & water so were not able to find & collect everything...

Thats where our 2 youngest staff members stepped-up & said give the 2 of us an hour more to search..

We found the other items so the missing items could be near...

Our code name on the radio's if anything was found--was BINGO---...

45 minutes later we hear both radio's---BINGO--sound off...

The 3 oldest staff members in the van couldnt believe it...

We picked one of them up on the road & he led the way were the items were found...

Since it was their find they were taught on the spot how to collect evidence in the outside elements...

The point being they didnt give up on the area & if wasnt for them those items would never had been found or recovered..


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Mja Inc Staff

You Tube Inspires Me

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on July 22, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

We usually dont post things like this but at times you need clear air of methods that might help inspire you to reach the next level..

Mja joined You Tube to post the cases we work on & others..

We consider it a much needed tool in our line of work..

Thats when I discovered the music video's...Im almost 59 years old & I sometimes find main stream music boring...

So I started searching for my type of music but more off-stream style...

I have a very large play list & when Im doing my Mja work on the PC I play the music...

It inspires me because alot of the music I happened to pick was about Missing People & Unsolved Crimes...

Its like as I am researching a lyric from a song reminds me leave nothing to chance...

With that all being said & the following really isnt about our work..

But during my off stream music search I found some music & video's of young adults that is just amazing..

Please take the time to listen...

Anna Graceman : Wrote & Performed The Song


Anna Graceman : Wrote & Performed Song



The next music video's are cover-tunes but these young adults have so much talent its like they own that song...

The Music Producer putting this talent togather on You Tube is Billbilly01....











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Mja Inc--Mark

Money Scam Taken Off Web-Site

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 24, 2014 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

It has been brought to our attention by an interested party in Florida that someone our web-sight is running a Money Scam & trying to gain personal Info...

The person Vera :

veradesmondy439@gmail.com & veradesmond2@hotmail.com has been DELETED from our Mja web-site...

Mja doest charge for our services so no one on this site should be trying to scam money or to gain personal Info..

Mja makes money from our Gift-Shop on our site...

Since the Mja web-site has been up & running we have had only 2 incidents---one being Vera & the other was an x-porn star downloading Porn on this site...

Mja is sorry this has happened & we will try to tighten up our security when approving new members..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Inc Investigations July 2014 Operations

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 22, 2014 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Starting 7-4-2014 at 10pm Mja NY Staff will travel to Indiana to join

our Indiana Staff on 7-5-14...

On July 4th 2014 at 10pm Mja can be contacted 24/7 at :

1-765-475-3124 or 1-518-572-4641..

Mja Inc Investigations July operations will end July 27th 2014...

Here are the cases Mja will be working covering the States of Indiana--Michigan--Illinois--Ohio--Kentucky & Pennsylvania...

Karen Jo Smith

Nancy Lyons

Joshua Swalls

Shannon Sherrill

Shannon Turner

Sara May Kilgore

Brandy Nicole Wilson

Margaret A Hayes

Jason Dale Bolton

Stacy Peterson

Elizabeth Ann Gill

Joey Haines

Convicted Serial Killer : Larry D Hall who confessed several times to Abducting & Killing

Wendy L Felton -- Tricia L Reitler & Denise Diane Pflum..

Hall Re-canted these confession but some of the details he gave in the confessions hold some facts of the truth..

The most important being the locations of the Victims..

Suspected Serial Killer : Chris Below serving time In Ohio..

Convicted Child Serial Killer : David E Penton serving time In Ohio..

Mja will also be working as consultants using our Indiana contacts concerning a case in Leonville, LA..

The Mysterious Death of Marcus Anthony Merritt, Sr.


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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Web-Site Is A Active Web-Site

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 14, 2014 at 11:50 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

We would like to remind our members this is a site where you can be active..

You can post cases & give your opinions on any given case..

We welcome any help or direction to follow..

But if you find info thats not been released to the public..

If you have a suspect or a suspect profile on any given case please contact us at our company account :



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Mja Inc Staff

Web-Site E-Mails Being Returned

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 7, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

To all Members :

Your e-mails from our web-site are bouncing back..

Please check your settings..


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Mja Inc Staff

UP-DATED : It Happened @ The Water's Edge..

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

To The One Who This Concerns :

We hear your messages loud & clear..

Mja understands the gravity of the situation..

But as you see Mja doesnt turn the other cheek for we seek Justice..


Mja has a case profile & your mistakes you made along the way..

Each Victim that you want to be found says alot about those Victims who have never been found..

Meeting The Victim

You met the Victim at a Lake Broadwalk..

You & the Victim shared small talk, a couple of rides & a drink..

But you couldnt get the Victim alone..

You Stalked Victim

You followed the Victim to a Lake Resort where she was staying for her vacation..

Mountain Lake : Warning Deep Water

Mja knows the deepest part of the lake is 260 feet...

Its safe to say there is some type of evidence concerning other crimes at the bottom of the lake..

Crime Scene

We know there is a logging road that has the closest path to the deepest water...

Abduction Of The Victim

You abducted the Victim around 12:30am while she was taking a walk at the Lake Resort Park..

Crime Scene

You brought the Victim to another Lake  location where you Raped & Strangled & Murdered the Victim..

Your Victim Was Found

The Victim was found down by the water's edge 3 days after her abduction...


Karma has found its way back to you...

There is a witness to your evil deed..

Please watch the following music video & listen to the words & you will understand your days are numbered..

Seven Mary Three - Water's Edge (Video)

This is just a taste of the case profile & Mja will see you soon !!


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Mja Inc Staff