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Our Angels Are Still Shining

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 21, 2014 at 5:45 PM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

As an Investigator the things that could & can kill you makes you feel alive...

We are not Hero's but its our job & our calling to meet danger head on..

Personal safety of danger never crosses our mind's because we were trained to lay down our life for others..

Its engraved in our hearts,our souls,& our mind's that has never changed..

We consider it an Honor to work on the cases we have at this time..

As many others we cant forget our Angels of the Missing--the Unsolved Murders & the Doe's..

Evil thinks our Angels halo's are broken & they are forgotten..

The Truth is the Angels halo's are still shinning & many times the Angels talk & help you solve the case..

We will go to hell & back trying to find the Missing or to solve a Homicide or to Identify a Doe..

The text below is how many of us was trained & when needed we still use these methods..


While your reading this remember :

We never get tunnel vision & we will think - out-side - of - the box...

We ask for help when needed from other groups like Mja or ask their opinion..


At a Crime Scene :

" No matter how small,there is always a calling card left behind..

It just took a good pair of eyes to find it..

The crime scene of the missing,a homicide,or doe or the body or bodies will reveal these calling cards left behind..

Each slice of evidence collected will fit together to form the puzzle to be solved..

When proven beyond a shadow of a doubt,you will find each slice of evidence formed a story for you to follow.


When approaching a crime scene you must have six senses :

" Hearing,sight,touch,smell,taste,and the last being mental "..

Using your mental abilities will bring the other five together like a toss salad..

It takes mental & physical abilities to preserve the integrity of the crime scene..

The integrity of the crime scene is the up-most importance,so the calling cards left behind will reveal themselves.. "


We are the type of Investigators that we will keep the suspect In The Box for 72 hours..

Thats even if a Suspect lawyer's up...So true you cant ask the suspect any more questions..

But the Investigator can talk all they want just no questions..

Thats when you tell the suspect a story & lead the suspect down the path of how things are going to work out...

You weave the story to where you make the suspect believe that you know more than you do...

Throw in a possible witness & after the Forensic's tests come back let them know there will be no-plea bargins...


You would be surprised how many suspects still fall using this tactic & its one of the oldest tactic's in training materials..

We know younger Detectives find these methods { old school } with all the new tools they have to work with to solve a case...

But consider this there are crimes where DNA-Finger Prints-hair & fiber are never found to put the puzzle togather...

That doesnt mean the evidence wasnt there,it just wasnt found..

In return its going to take the old school Police methods to produce leads needed to solve the case..

Some of you might notice that Mja works on alot of ColdCases...

The reason being Mja has learned that in several Cold Cases the evidence needed is already in the Police File..

A kidnapping suspect had a 17 hour stand-off with Police & the suspect's uncle who was an ex-cop was in the home with the suspect..

Right after the 17th hour it was reported that the suspect killed himself..

It took one of our staff members an hour while reading the M.E. report on the suspect & he noticed the tox report couldnt be right..

The tox report showed there was enough downers & alcohol in the suspects system that the suspect would have been passed out for at least 3 hours during the Police stand-off..

Not believing it was right we called & got another copy the the reports matched..

We didnt stop there,we went to a Nurse that gives out these Meds in the Hospital...

The Nurse confirmed that the suspect would have been passed out 3 to 4 hours...

So that leads us to wonder if the suspect was passed out that long--Why didnt the Ex-Cop Uncle disarm the suspect ?

It just takes the right set of eyes to find it--thats not fiction--thats the Truth...


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 6

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Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-21-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 6



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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Case You Tube Video -- Part : 5

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Mja Inc Invesstigations

On 9-16-14 Mja posted video on You Tube -- Part : 5



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Mja Inc Staff

The 2 Youngest Staff Members Of Mja Carry-Out Their Duty

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on September 10, 2014 at 11:20 PM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

During a Volunteer search we found evidence that could have been related to a Missing Person Case...

Mja called it in to the County Sheriff's office..

After waiting 3 hours & no returned calls from the Police Mja had to move on..

So we marked where the items could be found & called it in to the County..

The following year Mja went to see if the items were collected & we could tell by the scene that they hadnt...

But our markers had been moved by wind & water so were not able to find & collect everything...

Thats where our 2 youngest staff members stepped-up & said give the 2 of us an hour more to search..

We found the other items so the missing items could be near...

Our code name on the radio's if anything was found--was BINGO---...

45 minutes later we hear both radio's---BINGO--sound off...

The 3 oldest staff members in the van couldnt believe it...

We picked one of them up on the road & he led the way were the items were found...

Since it was their find they were taught on the spot how to collect evidence in the outside elements...

The point being they didnt give up on the area & if wasnt for them those items would never had been found or recovered..


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Mja Inc Staff

You Tube Inspires Me

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on July 22, 2014 at 12:20 AM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

We usually dont post things like this but at times you need clear air of methods that might help inspire you to reach the next level..

Mja joined You Tube to post the cases we work on & others..

We consider it a much needed tool in our line of work..

Thats when I discovered the music video's...Im almost 59 years old & I sometimes find main stream music boring...

So I started searching for my type of music but more off-stream style...

I have a very large play list & when Im doing my Mja work on the PC I play the music...

It inspires me because alot of the music I happened to pick was about Missing People & Unsolved Crimes...

Its like as I am researching a lyric from a song reminds me leave nothing to chance...

With that all being said & the following really isnt about our work..

But during my off stream music search I found some music & video's of young adults that is just amazing..

Please take the time to listen...

Anna Graceman : Wrote & Performed The Song


Anna Graceman : Wrote & Performed Song



The next music video's are cover-tunes but these young adults have so much talent its like they own that song...

The Music Producer putting this talent togather on You Tube is Billbilly01....











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Mja Inc--Mark

Money Scam Taken Off Web-Site

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 24, 2014 at 8:10 PM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

It has been brought to our attention by an interested party in Florida that someone our web-sight is running a Money Scam & trying to gain personal Info...

The person Vera :

veradesmondy439@gmail.com & veradesmond2@hotmail.com has been DELETED from our Mja web-site...

Mja doest charge for our services so no one on this site should be trying to scam money or to gain personal Info..

Mja makes money from our Gift-Shop on our site...

Since the Mja web-site has been up & running we have had only 2 incidents---one being Vera & the other was an x-porn star downloading Porn on this site...

Mja is sorry this has happened & we will try to tighten up our security when approving new members..


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Inc Investigations July 2014 Operations

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Mja Inc Investigations

Starting 7-4-2014 at 10pm Mja NY Staff will travel to Indiana to join

our Indiana Staff on 7-5-14...

On July 4th 2014 at 10pm Mja can be contacted 24/7 at :

1-765-475-3124 or 1-518-572-4641..

Mja Inc Investigations July operations will end July 27th 2014...

Here are the cases Mja will be working covering the States of Indiana--Michigan--Illinois--Ohio--Kentucky & Pennsylvania...

Karen Jo Smith

Nancy Lyons

Joshua Swalls

Shannon Sherrill

Shannon Turner

Sara May Kilgore

Brandy Nicole Wilson

Margaret A Hayes

Jason Dale Bolton

Stacy Peterson

Elizabet Ann Gill

Joey Haines

Convicted Serial Killer : Larry D Hall who confessed several times to Abducting & Killing

Wendy L Felton -- Tricia L Reitler & Denise Diane Pflum..

Hall Re-canted these confession but some of the details he gave in the confessions hold some facts of the truth..

The most important being the locations of the Victims..

Suspected Serial Killer : Chris Below serving time In Ohio..

Convicted Child Serial Killer : David E Penton serving time In Ohio..

Mja will also be working as consultants using our Indiana contacts concerning a case in Leonville, LA..

The Mysterious Death of Marcus Anthony Merritt, Sr.


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Mja Inc Staff


Mja Web-Site E-Mail Being Returned

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Mja Inc Investigations

Since our e-mails are being returned there is no other way to let Members know of new postings or up-dates...

So in order to keep you up-dated Mja has added a page to our web-site..


Anything new or up-dated will be posted there until we get our web-site e-mail back up & running..


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Mja Inc Staff

The Missing & The Doe's--Alabama & California..

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 16, 2014 at 12:30 AM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

The Missing & The Doe's

Welcome To Alabama

Missing : 3 Year Old
Christina Lynn Carter

Missing since 9-17-1973 from Hueytown, Alabama

On 10-7-1973 the missing childs Mother bound body was found inside a duffel bag alongside a road..

The Mother had been killed the same day she was found but her remains were not identified for a month..

It was after the identification that authorities realized 3 year old Christina was missing...



Jane Doe

Unidentified White Female

Located 4-18-1982 on the banks of the Sipsy River in rural Tuscaloosa County, Alabama..

Estimated age : 34-38 years old..

Cause of Death : Strangulation & the victim was severely beaten...

Estimated Date of Death is within a day of being discovered.




Welcome To California

Missing : 27 Year Old Jean Elizabeth Spangler

Missing since 10-7-1949 from the
Wilshire District in Los Angeles, California...

Jean Spangler. was a dancer and a bit player in movies and on TV...

The 27 year old Spangler was divorced
& had a 5 year old Daughter..



Jane Doe

Unidentified White Female

Jane Doe was discovered on 6-17-1973 in San Diego Bay located
in San Diego County California...

Estimated age: 20-40 years old


Estimated Date of Death : Recent 

Jane Doe's body had been dismembered & placed into an
orange suitcase & several green plastic garbage bags..

Jane Doe could possibly be of Portuguese or Italian descent...


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Web-Site Is A Active Web-Site

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Mja Inc Investigations

We would like to remind our members this is a site where you can be active..

You can post cases & give your opinions on any given case..

We welcome any help or direction to follow..

But if you find info thats not been released to the public..

If you have a suspect or a suspect profile on any given case please contact us at our company account :



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Mja Inc Staff

Web-Site E-Mails Being Returned

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Mja Inc Investigations

To all Members :

Your e-mails from our web-site are bouncing back..

Please check your settings..


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Mja Inc Staff

UP-DATED : It Happened @ The Water's Edge..

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations

To The One Who This Concerns :

We hear your messages loud & clear..

Mja understands the gravity of the situation..

But as you see Mja doesnt turn the other cheek for we seek Justice..


Mja has a case profile & your mistakes you made along the way..

Each Victim that you want to be found says alot about those Victims who have never been found..

Meeting The Victim

You met the Victim at a Lake Broadwalk..

You & the Victim shared small talk, a couple of rides & a drink..

But you couldnt get the Victim alone..

You Stalked Victim

You followed the Victim to a Lake Resort where she was staying for her vacation..

Mountain Lake : Warning Deep Water

Mja knows the deepest part of the lake is 260 feet...

Its safe to say there is some type of evidence concerning other crimes at the bottom of the lake..

Crime Scene

We know there is a logging road that has the closest path to the deepest water...

Abduction Of The Victim

You abducted the Victim around 12:30am while she was taking a walk at the Lake Resort Park..

Crime Scene

You brought the Victim to another Lake  location where you Raped & Strangled & Murdered the Victim..

Your Victim Was Found

The Victim was found down by the water's edge 3 days after her abduction...


Karma has found its way back to you...

There is a witness to your evil deed..

Please watch the following music video & listen to the words & you will understand your days are numbered..

Seven Mary Three - Water's Edge (Video)

This is just a taste of the case profile & Mja will see you soon !!


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Mja Inc Staff

17 Year Old Brianna Maitland Vanished 10 Years Ago..

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 23, 2014 at 2:20 AM Delete
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Mja Inc Investigations


As Mja watched the media coverage in memory of Miss Maitland who vanished on 3-19-2004..

Its a broken record playing over & over again..

Some of Miss Maitland's friends claim they know what happened to
Miss Maitland..

Even then these friends disagree with the events that took place...

Some say Miss Maitland owed the wrong person money for drugs & that person was in Miss Maitland's car when she left work..

Then some say she met that person at the location where her car was found..

Then some say Miss Maitland's car was staged at that location..

Some of Miss Maitland's friends dont even agree to what Miss Maitland's drug of choice was or what type of drug she owed money on..

All of Miss Maitland's friends views are very good opinions..

But if you look at it long enough these opinions have no-merit..

Its a given if you murder someone who owes you Money you will
never see that money...

Its not good business sense...

If they were trying to make a point :

Well it only works if you let it be known that you murdered Miss Maitland...

Once again meaning another person would know about the murder..

Miss Maitland was working 2 jobs & there was 2 pay-checks
 of Miss Maitland's found in her car..

So its a given that if Miss Maitland owed someone money
they were going to get paid...

It seems many believe they know what happened to Miss Maitland...

But as an Investigator I ask :

If you have all these details then why dont you know the person Miss Maitland owed money or who could have been in her car ?

I ask :

Why dont you know some sort of direction to start searching for Miss Maitland ?

Then you have to take into account that if Miss Maitland's friends opinions do have merit you have to ask who is the second person involved..

If someone was in Miss Maitlands car or the car was staged at the location then someone would have had to pick that person up..

They didnt walk away from the scene...

Our investigation concerning Miss Maitland's disappearance started on 4-3-2004...

Here is what we learned about the drug world in Franklin & surrounding counties...

Starting on 4-3-2004 to 7-5-2004 Mja had done found several pot growing operations & 2 make-shift Meth labs in the mountions during our seraches for Miss Maitland..

Mja identified some of the people & their vehicles & locations involved in these drug operations..

Because no one could keep their mouth shut...

That brings us to another avenue :

There is a big enough Reward being offered in this case that if it was drug related someone would have came forword with the Info to collect the Reward..

We confronted alot of these people & Mja let it be known it wasnt a secret why Mja was in the area..

Mja laid down the ground rules :

When Mja was in the area searching for Miss Maitland  that we would be left alone..

We have their permission to search their property..

When Mja was in the area no drug dealing..

After all they were in a position where they couldnt really say NO..

Yes many didnt take our word seriously about the drug dealing...

But they got the picture after their plate numbers was given to Police & their pot growing operations was tagged with GPS...

From 4-3-2004 to November 2010 Mja costs some of the drug dealers thousands of dollars & some even relocated to other states...

But their troubles didnt stop when they left Vermont...

Mja notified the Police Agencies in those other states & Mja gave them Intel on the drug dealers & pot growers..

The point of the matter is :

If these people cant cover up their drug operations from strangers from New York..

Are we to believe they are smart enough to murder Miss Maitland & hide her good enough to where she hasnt been found yet ?

You must remember we interviewed the so called main suspects of the case more than once & the investigators that interviewed the suspects has 70 years plus of investigative experience..

None of the usual suspects thats been profiled concerning Miss Maitland was bright enough to carry-out such a crime & leaving no trace behind..

Yes many could rape & murder & a couple of them had but they would leave some trace behind...

Its even possible that the guilty one is a drug dealer but what Mja is saying even if that would be true--they have done this type of crime before...

No one gets it right the first time doing this type of crime & leaving no trace--not even serial killers they make mistakes in the beginning...

Mja is still very active in the search of Miss Maitland & our 2014 searches for Miss Maitland will start soon..


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Mja Inc Staff

Let Us Not Forget The Young Couples Murdered..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Homicide Victims : Stanley Skridla & Mary Jane Reed

In Oregon Illinois on the evening of 6-25-1948..

17-year-old Mary Jane Reed was on a date with 28-year-old Stanley Skridla...

The couple went to a few nightspots & was last seen driving toward the local lover's lane on the outskirts of town...

On 6-26-1948 Stanley Skridla's body was found at the side of the road...

The 28 year old Stanley Skridla was shot several time but he still had his wallet..

Ruling out robbery & Skridla's vehicle was found a half a mile away..

 Four days later : Mary Jane’s body was found in a ditch two miles north of Stanley's Body..

Miss Reed was shot once in the head & there didn’t seem to be any sign of sexual assault..

Mary Jane Reed | Kimberley O'Brien: Chicago Armchair Detective

Exhumation Requested in Ogle County Murder Case




Homicide Victims : Stephen Harkins and Ruth Cooper

On 8-10-1985 27-year-old Stephen Harkins & his 42-year-old girlfriend Ruth Cooper Vanished WithOut A Trace

The Couple left Tacoma, Washington & arrivied at a forest in South Pierce County to go camping...

Four days later:

Stephen Harkins was found murdered...

Harkins had been shot to death in a sleeping bag along with his dog...

It would be two months before Ruth Cooper's body would be found..

The 42 year old Cooper was found near a dead-end road with a tube sock around her neck.

Ruth Cooper had been decapitated & her head was found some distance away...

Police believe that the Harkins & Cooper
murders were connected to the murder of Diana Robertson & with the disappearance of her boyfriend Mike Riemer In December of 1985..



Homicide Victims : Mike Riemer & Diana Robertson

In December 1985 :

36-year-old trapper Mike Riemer
took his girlfriend Diana Robertson & their daughter Crystal into the woods near Tacoma, Washington to look for a Christmas tree...

That afternoon Crystal was found wandering around a department store without her parents...

Crystal was later identified after her photo was placed in the newspaper & her maternal grandmother recognized the child..

Mike & Diana had Vanished WithOut A Trace..

Two months later :

Diana Robertson's body was found deep in the forest around Elbe, Washington..

Diana Robertson had been stabbed seventeen times & had a tube sock tied around her neck & there was no sign of Mike..


Police: Skull Is That Of Man Who Disappeared In 1985


Remains Found Near Mineral Identified as Man Missing Since 1985




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Mja Inc Staff

Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's : PART--4

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Mja Inc Investigations

This is another Service Mja provides to help in
Missing Persons & Unsolved Crimes & The Doe's..


PART  :  4


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Mja Inc Staff

UP-DATE : Pedophile Ring Active In Several States ?

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Mja Inc Investigations


Here is one of the reasons why I hate pedophiles :

Some of these evil creeps blame the Victim..

Early into our investigation of this pedophile ring we interviewed a source of Info who was convicted in the 1990's for crimes he done in the late 1980's against female children..

The ages of the female victims were 5 & 7 years old who were sisters..

This pedophile is termed a Situational Pedophile ...

This evil creep always sought out relationships with women who had young daughters...

This waste of space would live off the female & take care of the children while she worked..

During an interview this waste of life seemed detatched talking about the subject at hand...

This creep had an attitude of laying out a Pedophile Ring

It was like he was in a meeting looking for investors--the money to be made..

Once it became clear that the interview was going to turn for the worse this waste of life said :

Hey look it wasnt my fault those little bitches were asking for it..

In his face I yelled : 

A 5 & 7 year old was asking for sex ?

This creep said :

All these little bitches did when they were wearing a dress they were always sitting legs-wide-open showing the colored panties..

What is a guy to do ?

In his face once again telling him :

Why not be the good step-dad & explain & show the girls how to sit like ladies when their wearing
a dress...

This waste of life got a look on his face like there was something wrong with me--I had to leave the room...

I took a minute went back in & told this evil creep no more blaming any Victims..

That this waste of life was going to tell us the name of the first buyer of his step-daughters photos..

Plus anyone else this waste of life can think
of that saw the photos..

If he didnt his scum of the earth followers would be given evidence that he is helping with the investigation..

Some of these Pedophiles already know our targets--the states--the towns & the counties..

One thing you can take to the bank : 

They are all thinking what person could do them the most harm..

They are all thinking are their tracks & pc coded footprints covered...

They are all thinking is there an informant in their network...

Now let me give you wasted space one more thing to think about :

When our paths cross & they will----NEVER BLAME THE VICTIM !!!

Your Victims never asked to be molested--have sexual photos taken & have those photos sold...

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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has Cases 7 Witn Anniversary's In December

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has Cases 7 Witn Anniversary's In December


Missing :

Karen Jo Smith : 35 years old

Missing : 12-27-2000 Indianapolis Indiana Marion County..

Last seen 12-27-2000 Wendsday 10:30pm @ 830 Weghorst St..Indianapolis..

Karen Jo Smith became our company's very first case on 6-1-2001..

Karen Jo Smith's Family & Mja knew that our main suspect in the disappearance of Karen Jo was the ex-husband Steve Halcomb..

Arrest & Conviction of Ex-Husband Steven Halcomb sentenced to 95 years With-Out A BODY..

Mja is still very active in searching for Karen Jo Smith..

Mja Case File I.D.. : KJS--001

Missing :

Nancy Wroblewski :38 years old

Missing : 12-9-1990  from South Bend, Saint Joseph County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File 1368 DFIN

Wroblewski disappeared after leaving a church function at Corpus Christi in South Bend with her husband..

Her husband told police his wife packed a bag & walked out telling him to take care of the children..

There has been no sign of her since and police now fear that she may have been the victim of foul play...

Became our 13th case on 7-3-2001...

Mja Case File I.D..  : NW--013


Homicide Victim

Dennis Newsome Jr :

Missing 12-2-1981


Found Thanksgiving Day 1982--INDIANA

Dennis Newsome Jr of Kokomo Indiana in Howard County was reported missing when his pick-up truck
was found on fire..

The truck was located near Morgan St. & County Road 250 East intersection near Beaver Lodge Trailor Park located in Howard County Indiana..

Newsome's badly decomposed body was found Thanksgiving Day 1982 in Tipton County..

Became our 15th Case on 8-23-2001..

Mja Case File I.D.-DN--015


Jane Doe

Unidentified White Female


Estimated age: 18-22 years old.

Jane Doe was discovered on 12-26-1982 in Wayne County, Indiana..

Estimated Date of Death: 8 months prior to discovery

Skeletal Remains

Jane Doe was located in west/central Wayne County in a remote woods..

About two miles north of I-70 & about 15 miles west of the Indiana / Ohio..

Becmae our 18th case on 12-27-2001..

Mja Case File I.D... : UFIN--018


Jane Doe

Unidentified White and/or Hispanic Female


Estimated age: 20-35 years old

Jane Doe was located on 12-29-1996 in South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana..

Estimated Date of Death: 1-2 years prior

Skeletal Remains

Cause of death hasn't been determined, but homicide is likely...

Jane Doe was found 6/10 miles from US Highway 31..

The Remains were in a  pasture overgrown with thick brush & at the foot of a power pylon..

The terrain in this area is very rough and is only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles...

This area is about three miles south of South Bend, Indiana.

Became our 19th case on 12-28-2001...

Mja Case File I.D... : UFIN--019


Missing :

Shannon Rayanne Turner  : 33 Years Old 


Missing since December 4, 1997 from Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana..

Turner was employed as an exotic dancer at Babe's Showgirls West..

The 33 year old was last seen leaving the club after her shift ended in the early morning hours on 12-4-1997..

Shannon Turner left her place of employment with an ex-boyfriend who was an Enforcer in the " Outlaws " motorcycle gang..

Became our 43rd case in October 2002...

Mja Case File I.D.. : SRT--043

Missing :

Lynne Kathryn Schulze : 18 Years Old


Missing Since: December 10, 1971

Location Last Seen: Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont

Schulze was last seen at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont on December 10, 1971...

The 18 year old was headed across campus to take an exam..

When Schulze turned around & went back to retrieve a pencil from her dorm room...

Lynne Kathryn Schulze didn’t show up for the exam & has never been seen or heard from since that day...

Became our 45th case in November 2002..

Mja Case File I.D... : LKS--045


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversary's In November..

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja Has 4 Cases With Anniversary's In November


Loretta L Tinkham : 30 Years Old

Vanished on 11-3-1994 from Peoria,Illinois..

Loretta L Tinkham is one of several missing women from the Peoria area..

Others include Stephanie C. Gibson , Cheryl Murray and Stacey Morrison.

Loretta L Tinkham could be a Victim of Arlie Ray Davis who was connected to several Missing Persons Cases in the Peoria Illinois area..

Became our 71st case on 1-20-12..

Mja Case File I.D. LLT--071


Unidentified White Female : Found 11-9-1979--NEW YORK

The Doe Network : Case File 1 UFNY

Unidentified White Female : Estimated age: 13 - 19 years old..

Located on November 9, 1979 in Caledonia New York..

Estimated Date of Death is November 8, 1979

The Unidentified White Female Victim died as a result of severe brain hemorrhage caused by a gunshot wound to the head..

The Jane Doe Victim  was discovered by a passing motorist  in a Caledonia, NY cornfield on 11-9-1979 & found about 20 feet from the south side of Route 20, about one half mile from the intersection of Route 5..

The Jane Doe died of two gunshot wounds : One to the back & one to the front of her head..

The Unidentified Female Victim was apparently shot by the road where a blood spot marked the earth...

Then Jane Doe was dragged into the cornfield and shot again...

Caledonia, NY is located in the Finger Lakes region of the state close to
the Canadian border..

Many Items were found with Jane Doe Cali such as clothing & jewelry..

Up-Date :

Jane Doe rests in Dansville, New York. The inscription says :

"Lest we forget an unidentified girl. November 9. 1979. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."


Pollen samples taken from the victim's clothing were determined to have come from only four places : Arizona, California, South Florida, or Mexico..

Became our 39th Case on 2-6-2002

Mja Case File I. D. : UFNY--039

Lola Katherine Fry : Vanished In November 1993
from Greenwood, Johnson County, Indiana.

Lola K Fry : 28 years old

Missing Since : November 13th or 14th -1993 Indiana

The Doe Network : Case File 1039 DFIN

I -Team 8 " A Life Interrupted "
Aired on WISH TV 8 NEWS on November 13th and 14th of 2002..
On 11-16-2003 Fox 59 News out of Indianapolis filmed one of Mja Inc searches in Boone County for Lola K Fry..

Copies of story can be requested at Fox 59 News
Fry had left her car parked at an East side restaurant...

The car also is missing...

It is as a 1990 red & black Mitsubishi Eclipse with personalized license
plate that says "LOLA.

Police have a prime suspect & presume Fry is dead.

However, no direct evidence exists..

The last official accounting of Fry :

She had been partying with friends at an East side Indianapolis apartment &  either fell unconscious or overdosed on drugs..

Police have been told Fry was wrapped in a blanket & carried to a car & driven away by her former boyfriend...

Foul play is suspected in her disappearance. Her case was reopened in 1999..

Lola K Fry  became our 42nd case in June 2002..

Mja Inc Case File I.D.-LKF--042


Joshua Swalls 22 Years Old

Missing on 11-3-12 from Indianapolis Indiana.. 

Found on 11-23-12-- Deceased

http://www.fox59.com/news/wxin-search-for-joshua-swalls-20121117,0,827913.story ;


Became our 86th Case on  11-19-12..

Mja Case I.D. JS--086


On 11-23-12 Joshua Swalls body was found in a retention pond...





Joshua Swalls was last seen at the Lakewood Lodge Apartments in the 2600 block of Timberly Drive on 11-3-12 while visiting a friend...
The 22 year old Swalls for some unknown reason left the friends apartment..
Joshua Swalls car was found in the Lakewood Lodge Apartments parking lot a short time later & his cellphone was recovered at a friend's apartment...

The pond that the body was recovered from is located across the street from the Lakewood Lodge Apartments

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Cold Case Files : The Kidnapping & Murder of 10 Year Old Linda Weldy--Indiana

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Mja Inc Investigations

Cold Case Files : The Kidnapping & Murder of 10 Year Old Linda Weldy--Indiana


Is Linda Weldy a Victim of a Serial Killer ?

Linda Weldy's family thinks a serial killer is to blame for her kidnapping & murder...

On 2-24-1987 10 year old Linda Weldy was dropped off by her school bus near her home on McClung Road in LaPorte Indiana..The bus driver & other children saw Linda Weldy walk to the family mailbox like she did everyday..

The 10 year old had to walk about 250 yards down the curved gravel driveway to her home which some areas had a limited view because of trees along the driveway..

10 year old Linda Weldy never made it home..

On 3-17-1987 Linda's body was found by a farmer along some abandoned railroad tracks on County Road 500 South near Kingsbury Indiana..

10 year old Linda Weldy had been strangled...

Alot has been said about Serial Killer Larry D Hall as the one who Abducted & Murdered Linda Weldy...

But there was another Serial Killer operating in the same area in 1987..

1980's Child Serial Killer David E Penton...

Penton traveled between Texas & Ohio several times taking different routes from 1983 to 1988..

Penton was caught in 1988 in Ohio for Kidnapping & Murdering 9 Year old Nydra Ross..

One of Penton's favorite routes entering Indiana was the 80 & 90 Turnpike exiting onto the South Bend exit... 

In 2006 Mja was given Info about 2 Indiana cases by a former cell-mate of Penton's...

One case was a1986 Abduction of a 6 year old female who hasnt been found..

The other case was a 1987 Abduction & Murder of 10 year old female thats never been solved..

During our research the 1987 Linda Weldy case is one of the cases we been looking at as being a possible Victim of Penton's...

The age of Weldy fits more with Penton's age group than Hall's..

The Weldy case does fit one on Penton's M.O.'s & the Weldy case matches a Missing Person case in Cabot Pennsylvania.

On 2-22-1985 the 8 year old female was dropped off by her school bus only 100 yards from her home..The 8 year old female never made it home..

She vanished without a trace & has never been found..

Mja has been trying to gain more Info about the Weldy case from the former cellmate of Penton's but nothing solid to produced any results...


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Mja Has 6 Cases With Anniversary's In October

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Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has 6 cases with anniversary's in the month of October..


1...Missing : 28 year old Kristine Kupka

The 28 year old white female vanished without a trace
on 10-24-1998
from New York City, New York

The Doe Network : Case File 2297 DFNY


Medical : 5 months pregnant


2..Missing : 6 year old Shannon Sherrill 
The 6 year old white female child vanished without a trace on 10-5-1986 from Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana...

Classification: Non-Family Abduction

The Doe Network : Case File 283 DFIN



3.. Missing : 19 year old Debra Ann Wilhite

The 19 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-17-1974
from Evansville, Gibson County, Indiana..

The Doe Network : Case File  723 DFIN



4.. Missing : 39 year old Stephanie Anne Lyng

The 39 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-25-1977 from Palatine, Cook County, Illinois..



Edward  Lyng { Stephanie Anne Lyng's } husband was arrested in 1992 & charged with the murder of his wife..

Edward  Lyng  was convicted in 1994 but has never told investigators where her body is located...


5.. Missing : 32 year old SARA MAY KILGORE

The 32 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-9-2011
from Indianapolis Indiana



6... Missing : 23 year old Stacy Peterson

The 23 year old white female vanished without a trace on 10-28-2007 from Bolingbrook Illinois..





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