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Indiana 2015 Operations

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on July 5, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja NY staff arrived around 3pm on 6-23-15 to meet our Indiana staff to work on the following cases..

25 Year Old Brianna DiBattiste : 2014 Unsolved Homicide Victim from Dunkirk Indiana..

2 Year Old  Elizabeth Ann Gill : Missing Since 6-13-1965--Missouri.

Nancy Lyons : Disappeared 6-17-02 Rush County Indiana :

Her Remains Found In October 2002 In Bartholomew County...

Shannon Sherrill 6 years old : Missing Since 10-5-1986-INDIANA

Karen Jo Smith : Missing since 12-27-2000-INDIANA

16 Year Old Jason Dale Bolton : Accidental or Murder 8-21-1991--INDIANA

16 Year Old Wendy L Felton : Missing Since 6-4-1987--INDIANA

19 Year Old Tricia L Reitler : Missing Since 3-29-1993--INDIANA

33 Year Old Shannon Rayanne Turner:Missing 12-4-1997-IN


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Mja Inc Staff


Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 24, 2015 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Our Ny staff left for Indiana on 6-22-15 at around 5:17pm & arrived in Indiana at around 3:00pm on 6-23-15...

At this time we will not release to the public the cases we will be working on..

Not all the details are worked out & when that Info becomes availiable we will release those details..


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Mja Inc--Mark

Only GOD Knows The Cost

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on May 26, 2015 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

GOD only knows how I feel..

It feels like I have been searching & waiting a million years..

I have marched through storms & battled flames to get to you..

As I watch the sunlight turn to gold I finally found you in the darkest place..

You sweet child have lost your Life to EVIL & all I can do is look down & tell you how sorry I am..

The search for you has taken a part of my Life that I willingly surrendered for I will not stop until you have JUSTICE..

I wish we could just sit here & watch the moonlight but the echo's in my voice says you long lost Child have to go home..

I will be with you all the way & I will never look back for you have touched my Life in a way I will never forget..

Please sweet Child rest in peace so your Friends & Family can start to heal their broken hearts as I will follow close behind..

In the end only GOD knows how I feel...



Missing Persons

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on May 13, 2015 at 11:00 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Persons

Photo's of these 2 cases can be found in our Photo Gallary :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting Photo : 2686

Ending Photo : 2703


Ilene Rebecca Scott

Age at Time of Disappearance: 6 years old

Missing since December 20, 1980 from Carson, Los Angeles County, California...

Classification : Non Family Abduction



Sondra Denise Barrington

Age at Time of Disappearance: 20 yrs old

Case Classification : Endangered Missing

Missing Since : October 9, 2002

Location Last Seen : Wauchula, DeSoto County, Florida



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Posted by mja--inc--investigations on May 12, 2015 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Some of our You Tube Play List's..

Many of our Volunteers listens to this play list while doing our computer


Copy & Paste When Needed

Cover Tunes By Off-Stream Music Performers..

Demons | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Violette Wautier


It's Time | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Mylé


Chasing Cars | Cover | BILLbilly01


Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade


The Knife - Heartbeats (Cover) by Daniela Andrade x Dabin


Blank Space | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Jasmine


Fix You | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Ribbin


A Thousand Years | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Pla Suchaya


Take Me To Church - Hozier Cover : Sofia Karlberg


"Radioactive" Imagine Dragons (ft. The Macy Kate Band & Kurt Schneider)


Apologize | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Violette Wautier


Flight Facilities - Crave You (Cover) by Daniela Andrade


Weezer - Island in The Sun (Cover) by Daniela Andrade & Sarah Lee


The Scientist | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Tan


Tina Arena - Cover : I Want To Know What Love Is


Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey (Cover) by Daniela Andrade & Gia Margaret


Heartbreaker | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Third Keeth and Ribbin


So far away - Cover : Tina Arena - with Lyrics


Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Aint Enough (Cover) by Daniela Andrade


Sing | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. WishesOnTheEarth


Somewhere Only We Know | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. MD


The Corrs - Cover : Dreams


Counting Stars | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Mylé


Lego House | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. King



Off-Stream Original Music Artist's

Mr Probz - Waves


Jasmine Thompson - Run (Official Music Video)


All I Ever Want Is You Song)


8mm Live @ SNOCAP "No Way Back"


8mm - "Mean" - Directed by Davo


James Blunt - Cry


Mr. Probz - Drivin'


Don't Care (Original) by Daniela Andrade


Tilly Birds - Heart In A Cage (Official Music Video)


Linda Perry - Fill Me Up


Mr. Probz - Look At Us Now [HQ]


Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna


Fanny (1972): 'You've Got a Home'


Fanny (1971): 'Place in the Country'


Anna Graceman - So Complicated


Anna Graceman - Treble Heart - Acoustic


Anna Graceman - Time Machine


Shame - Linda Perry


Devics~In Your Room


Devics - Song For A Sleeping Girl


8mm - Angel


8MM - Give It Up


BONES • 8mm (Music Video)


Liar - 8mm Music Video



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Missing Children & Children Who Never Made It Home

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 6, 2015 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Mja has added 24 Missing Children from the 1960's & 1970's to our Missing Persons & Children Who Never Made It Home..

Starting with Children Who Never Made It Home --- 1 to 23..

Could there be a Child Serial Killer concerning some of these Cases..

We would like to Thank Martha Hamilton who sent us this Info on these Missing Children..

She found them researching her Missing Sister...

Some of these Cases Mja never knew about..

So these Victims are NOT Forgotten we have posted them on our site..

There are photo's in our Photo Gallary under Mja Inc Investigations photo gallary..

Starting with Photo : 2602


Ending with Photo : 2676


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Mja Inc Staff


Child Serial Killers

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on April 1, 2015 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

The Child Hunter's Are Being Hunted

There is a pattern of at least One Child Serial Killer is out there & been doing these Crimes for 25 years..

Child Serial Killers : Homicide Victims

The Victims that have been found some of these Cases Have Been Ruled Homicide's.....

Child Serial Killers : Victims That Are Still Missing

These types of Child Serial Killers started forming a pattern..

If Mja could find a common evidence that points in a Direction to follow..

We will have a better chance of recovery concerning many Serial Killers...

David E Penton : 1980's Child Serial Killer

Penton has 3 convictions in Texas not counting his own childs death...

Penton was caught in 1988 in Ohio Case involving the Death of a 9 year old female..

Penton use to travel from Texas to Ohio back to Texas taking different routes..

Mja is tracking Penton in 17 States from 1983 to 1988..

Penton could have 50 Victims...

Some Victims have been found & some havent..


California Child Serial Killer : Mack Ray EDWARDS

Mack Ray Edwards (1918 ? 30 October 1971) was an American serial killer...

He murdered at least six children in Los Angeles County, California between 1953 and 1970..

As a heavy equipment operator contracted by Caltrans, he worked on freeways...

The body of one of his victims was found underneath the Santa Ana Freeway...

He claimed to have disposed another of his victims under the Ventura Freeway....

It is Suspected that Edward's body count is alot higher...


Child Serial Killer : Arthur Gary Bishop

Arthur Gary Bishop (September 29, 1952 ? June 10, 1988) was a convicted American child molester and serial killer...

He confessed to the murders of five young boys in 1983, as a result of a routine police investigation...

Bishop killed his first victim, a four-year-old on 10-14-1979...

Bishop lured the boy from the courtyard of his apartment complex to his own apartment with the promise of free candy...

After attempting to sexually assault the child, Bishop drowned him in a bathtub, and subsequently buried the boy's body in the desert....


Child Serial Killer : William Bonin

William George Bonin (January 8, 1947 ? February 23, 1996) was an American serial killer..

A 2 time paroled sex offender..

Who committed the rape, torture & murder of a minimum of 21 boys & young men in a series of killings between 1979 and 1980 in southern California...

He is sometimes referred to as "The Freeway Killer"..Bonin is also suspected of committing a further fifteen murders. He was convicted of 14 of these murders and subsequently executed in 1996....


Child Serial Killer : Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd was an American psychopathic serial killer & child molester...

He has been called "one of the most evil killers in history"...

His execution on January 5, 1993, was the first legal hanging (at his own request) in the United States since 1965...

At the age of 15, Dodd was arrested for indecent exposure, but police let him go with a recommendation of juvenile counseling...

As the years passed, he would be arrested several more times, again with no serious action taken...

After some neighborhood kids moved out of town, he began molesting children he didn't know...

Dodd was charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of the Neer brothers and Lee Iseli, plus attempted kidnapping of another child...

He initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, but later changed his mind...Lee Iseli, was 4 years old..

Every Crime Leaves Foot-Prints To Follow

Sometimes when dealing with Cold-Cases it takes the Right Set Of Eyes to produce Leads in any given Case..

Mja has put our Foot-Prints on some of these Cases as the contact Info is Mja..


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Mja Inc Staff

The Child Hunter Is Being Hunted

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 31, 2015 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

To Whom It May Concern

{The Unknown Child Serial Killer }

Mja doesnt mind spending every day parked on a corner in the pouring rain staking you out it moves the Hunt along..

Our minds & eyes are wide open for anything that might come along..

Your mistake's & regret's they are memories made..

There are No Time Outs to start over...

Its only a matter of time because Mja has a plan..

Looking down at one of your Child Victims I saw a Child Angel thats for-sure..

Mja has seen death but you got the blood stream of the Devil & a Animal running through your vains that wont go away...

When your deaf--blind-- & dumb your stone cold eyes you can see the Evil of the Devil & a rabited Animal..

Mja has seen the pain & seen Families torn apart because of what you inflicted on to the Victims Family..

Mja will lose sleep & stay up all night hoping one night you cant control yourself & catch you in the act of the Crime..

You once said you would never be found because you live ocean to ocean..

Mja will get JUSTICE for some of your Victims..

Mja couldnt stay away & we hoped you would see our faces so you will know that for Mja it isnt over..

Our staff can see through your lies that will end up giving you away..

It must be getting hard for you to breath because all this time you have been blinded..

Your comfort Zone as been corrupted..

You got tunnel vision & your Victims came first & your safety of not being seen came last..

A pattern started to form because you had no Control...

Your life as you know it is running out on a clock that will stop when you least expect it...

Mja knows where you hide alone while driving your vehicle..

Your stuck & your out of luck & there is no way your talking your way out of these crimes..

There is no way of you coming back to the streets..

A Death Sentence could be handed down by several States & its our understanding no deal can be made...

So at least you will get Life with No Parole..

Your pure Evil & your eyes are stone cold with no feelings..

This could be the end of you killing Children because everything we know...

Mja will be on our way...

Please Dont Forget US....

Photo's In Our Photo Gallart under Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Starting with Photo : 2593


Ending with Photo : 2601


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Mja Inc Staff


Major Break In The 1971 Vermont Missing Person Case : Lynne Kathryn Schulze

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 30, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (2)


Mja Inc Investigations


Miss Schulze became our 45th case in November 2002..

She hasnt been found..

Lynne Kathryn Schulze : 18 year old white female :

Went Missing on 12-10-1971 from Middlebury Vermont located in Addison County..

1:00 PM Miss Schulze did not take her final exam & wasnt in her Dorm Room..

12:30PM Miss Schulze was seen by the health food store...

2:15 PM Lynne is seen standing on Court Street by another fellow college student...

She was across from the bus station and the health food store..

This is the last time she is ever seen...

There is a suspect in the case..Middlebury police :

Durst linked to missing woman..

Investigators in Middlebury working a missing-student case from 1971 received a tip in 2012 that millionaire real estate heir Robert Durst, the suspect in several killings, had lived in town at the time...

Robert Durst The Real Estate Millionaire in 1971 owned & operated  The All Good Things Health-Food Store in Middlebury during the early 1970s, police said..

Where Miss Schulze last seen standing outside across from the bus station & the health food store..




Now Mja has a direction to follow for Search Area's..

Photo's of the Case is in our Photo Gallary under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's..

Starting with Photo : 2585


Ending with Photo : 2593


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More Cold-Cases Are Being Solved

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 22, 2015 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Taking Gaints Steps Concerning Cold-Cases...

Due to good Police work from multiple Agencies..

Using high tec methods to collect Evidence & Volunteers that never gave up when leads came in several Cold-Case have been Solved..

Most of these Cases were to the point that no-one thought the Case would ever be solved...

Police Agencies are over-ran with Missing Persons & The Doe's...

It takes a village to bring some Cases to a close..

I remember a News Station sent Mja to Ny City concerning a sighting of a Missing Dancer...

The Strip-Club was around the corner from 42nd & Broadway..

We had a Photo of the Missing Person & the Reward Money being offered...

Mja question the Dancers that was working there when the sighting was to have taken place..

Leaving the Strip-Club we hit the pavement & was showing the Pic of the Missing Person on the street-in stores..

During this time on the street we ran into 4 gang-bangers as we were showing the pic & they let it be known that they were armed..

Thats when we pulled back our jackets & showed our guns were bigger than theirs..

We explained we wasn't there to report them or past crimes--Mja was only there to locate a Missing Person..

That's when the Gang-Bangers gave Mja two leads that were very helpful...

One lead was a nail salon where all the Dancers get their nails done..

Mja interviewed the employees of the nail salon..

One lead was one of gang-bangers Auntie who for 20 years ran a Parking Garage where all the Dancers in the area used...

Mja visitied the Parking Garage & Auntie asked to give her an hour & she would have the records if the Missing Person car ever parked her car there..

The leads led no-where but at least it ruled out the sighting of the Missing Person..

It takes a Village to solve a Cold-Case even though some of the Info Came from NY Gang-Bangers but they were very good leads..


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The United States,Crime Scene Photo's, & The Internet

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 21, 2015 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)




Mja Inc Investigations

President Reagan of the United States (1981 - 1989)

Once said that if the US didn't secure Central America Terrorist camps ran by Libya..

The Central American Cocaine trade that helped run the Terrorist Camps that the US would be hit on our soil without firing a shot..

Which came to be true : 911--they used AirPlanes...

Reagan had a plan to control the cocaine trade by burning down the coca fields..

Talk to the coca leave growers & have them grow coffee..

A coca farmer would be paid by the Cartel $ 160.00 a Kilo of 99.9 percent pure coca paste...

Where if they grew coffee,they would be relocated and make Thousands of dollars...

Congress voted No to President Reagans plan...

The President had no choice but to use black opps to carry out the plans behind Congresses back...

This how the President got the nick name : The Cocaine Cowboy...

The President knew our National Security was at risk..

There is confirmed Intel that some of the earlier Terrorists was trained in the camps in Centrla America by Libya...

This was also the time where the Libyian Dictator went on there countries National TV station where he drew a line & said to the US do not cross this line..

The Presidents response was 1986 United States bombing of Libya...

In return the Terrorists training was passed down over the years to where it grew so strong they hit the US on our soil without firing a shot..


The Iraq Prison Affair

First of all the Koran Bible who these Terrorists hide behind says the war they have engaged in is against the Koran's teachings..

Their teaching is War is only Just if its a Holy War..

Their teaching & meaning of a Holy War is all the Arab Nations have to unite to fight one common enemy...

That's not happening because several Arab Nations are considered Friends of the US...

The Detainess of Terrorists in a secure Prison there was leaked photos & the methods being used on the Terrorists..

During the thousands of years when war or conflicts are involved there is always some type of Torture from both sides..

Back in my day in government work the leaking of photos from the prison would be considered Treason punishable by Death or Life In Prison...

To be honest about the whole thing how many cases are there where someone we were torturing died from that torture...

Then compare the enemy's count how many American soldiers died from their torture ?

How many people have died  that had nothing to do with the war because of suicide bombers...

Once again against their teaching of a Holy War..

How many Americans & others have been beheaded & they were not American soldiers ?

Once again against their Bible teaching of a Holy War..

Anybody connected to the United States are targets...

Yet theseTerrorists Groups say the US are trying to control the Arab Nations & trying to teach their people how to Sin..

The last time I knew these Terrorists are funded by the Poppy Fields used to make Herion headed to the US..

Once again from their Bibles teaching this is a Sin...


The Waco Siege

The ATF & the FBI was roasted by the general public because of the out-come of this Siege...

First of all the ATF was there legally with search warrants for the Branch Davidian compound for stock piling weapons & Chemicals that could be used to make Bombs..

While serving the warrant the ATF was fired upon by the Branch Davidian on the orders of sect leader David Koresh..

ATF Agents were killed & wounded serving these search warrants..

The ATF backed off : The Waco Siege began on 2-28-1993 & ended violently 50 days later on April 19...

50 days later the ATF & FBI mounted a second assault on the compound was made & a fire destroyed the compound...

Seventy-six people (24 of them British nationals) died in the fire, including more than 20 children, two pregnant women & the sect leader David Koresh...

The ATF & the FBI used great restraint and gave the Davidian's several times for them to come out & surrender..

The Branch Davidian sec would rather die making the decisions their children would die than to come out & surrender..

Really folks how long do you think the ATF & FBI should have waited to end the Waco Siege...


Crime Scene Photo's On The Internet

In our line of work Mja has strong feeling about posting Crime Scene photo's for the whole public to see..

Its our opinion that only people who do our type of work should have access to such photo's...

Whats the value for the general public to have access to such photo's..

Its like the Victims are Victims again by being on public display...

The worse being crime scene photo's of murdered Children those type of photos shouldn't be seen by the general Public..

That's one thing Mja has never had any sensitive photo's leaked to the Public..

The Internet has been a powerful tool used by criminals & killers to line up Victims...

There are web-sites on the Internet that will give step by step how to make a Bomb..

How to take counter measures not to get caught during a Homicide..

Sites that explain step by step how to make certain types of designer drugs...

The Internet can be used for good or evil but it seems the evil is winning over the Internet...

Its also know as Investigators track a Suspect the Suspect by using the Internet tracks them to see how close the police are getting to an arrest..

The in the right persons hands the Internet can be a important tool to help solve a crime....


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Mja Inc Investigations 2014 Operation Figures--Public Record Files

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 14, 2015 at 8:20 PM Comments comments (0)



Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 42 staff members but only 30 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 87 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2014 :

Mja E-Mails : 69,870

Phone Hours : 1798

Research Man-Hours : 25,110

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 327

2014 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 426

Hours of Travel : 802

Miles of Travel : 21,891

Search Man-Hours : 3,512

In 2014 Mja Traveled to 6 States..

In 2014 Mja had 23,244 visitors at our web-site located at



2014 Mja Webmaster Hours : 203

Mja Money Spent for 2014 to operate Mja : $ 24,868.00...

The 30 active Mja staff members for 2014 averaged paying

$ 750.00 for the year 2014 to carry out our work..

30 Members X $ 750 = ==== $ 22,500.00

Extra Funds came from NY Office : $ 2,368.00


In 2014 Mja Spent : $ 24,868.00

 In 2014 Mja made $ 188.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..






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Mja Inc Staff










































Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Welcome To Minnesota

Barbara Jean Paciotti : 20 Years Old

Missing since June 14, 1969 from Hibbing, St. Louis County, Minnesota


Belinda VanLith : 17 Years Old

Missing since June 15, 1974 from Little Eagle Lake, Wright County, Minnesota



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Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To Missouri

Freda Loretta Denman : 27 Years Old

Missing since November of 1974 from Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.''

Missing with her 3 Children..



Sheri Lynn Johnson : 4 Years Old



Michael Lloyd Johnson : 10 Months Old

Missing since November 1974, from Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.


Suspect : Henry Lee Harbison aka Henry Johnson


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Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To Missouri

Freda Loretta Denman : 27 Years Old

Missing since November of 1974 from Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.''

Missing with her 3 Children..


Sheri Lynn Johnson : 4 Years Old


Michael Lloyd Johnson : 10 Months Old

Missing since November 1974, from Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.


Suspect : Henry Lee Harbison aka Henry Johnson


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Mja Inc--Mark

Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)


Welcome To Massachusetts

Wanda Medeiros Reine : 25 Years Old

Missing since March 1971 from East Falmouth, Massachusetts



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Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)


Welcome To Michigan

Ida Dean Anderson : 21 Years Old

Missing since September 18, 1958 from Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan...



Mary Jean McLaughlin : 27 Years Old

Missing since 1965 from Lake Odessa, Ionia County, Michigan



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Mja Inc Staff

Missing People & Jane Doe's

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on January 3, 2015 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

Welcome To Maryland

Betty Marie Roberts : 29 Years Old


Missing since November 3, 1959 from Baltimore, Maryland...


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Mja Inc Staff

Mja Guest Speakers @ The Indiana Division Of The International Association For Identification Conference

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on December 19, 2014 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

On 9-20-11 Three Mja Staff members arrived in Bloomington Indiana & checked into a Motel 6 on Walnut St..

Mja is in Bloomington Indiana as a guest speaker & to put on a presentation for Criminal Investigative Analysis Division Conference for Law-Enforcemet at the Monroe County Convention Center on 9-21-11..

Mja presentation staring at 8:00am & ending 9:30am..

Mja presentation slide show & notes very went well..Mja got alot of good feed-back from Law-Enforcement attending the Conference..

There were many Detectives that encouraged Mja to be more vocal in our work & wanted Mja to try to become more active..

There was also a small session of Questions & Answers after Mja presentation

COPY & PASTE--If Needed

Mja Pics of The Law-Enforcement Conference :











Indiana State Police Thank-You To Mja

On 10-26-11 this Thank-You note was e-mailed to Mja..


Lorinda K. Gibbs

Forensic Scientist, Latent Print Identification Unit

Indiana State Police Laboratory

550 West 16th Street; Suite C

Indianapolis, IN 46202








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Mja Inc--Mark

Our Web-Site Isnt Perfect

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on December 11, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

We are sorry that our Web-Site isnt Perfect..Typo's & such !!!

We are sorry that some people think we leave things out of stories on some cases...

But that is on purpose to peak the readers interest & maybe they will go on to research the case..

Sometimes it takes just one person to grab ahold of a case & that could help solve the case.


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Mja Inc--Mark