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Mja Inc Investigations


Maura Murray vanished with-out a trace on 2-9-2004 from New Hampshire...

Mja got involved with this Case in November 2005..

Please sign the FBI Petition concerning Miss Murray..

Link down below :



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Mja Inc Investigations


Missing 17 year old Brianna Maitland

Miss Maitland has been missing since 3-19-2004 from Montgomery Vermont..

Mja has been involved with this case since 4-3-2004...

Mja met with Mr. Maitland on 4-10-2004..










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Mja Inc Investigation

There are many People who ask how we get a handle on some of these Cases..

One Tool we have found that works for Mja is when ever possible do an Re-Enactment of the Case...


Mja started working on this case in 2003..

This is how we knew :

When a 6 year old Female Child was abducted in 1986 the Serial Killer had only 1 minute & 20 seconds to isolate the Victim & abduct her...

That's a very slim window when you have other kids around playing & Adults across the street & Adults beside the Victims Home..

No one saw anything !!

In 2004 Mja granted access to Police Files :

Since it was a narrow window that led us to look at the Police Case File..

Fitting that narrow window time line there was 2 eyewitness watching a Vehicle with out of state plates driving around which had been in the Case file from day 1..

These witnesses didn't see an abduction...

This also led to a report to where the K-9's lost the Child's scent..

Where the K-9's lost the scent is the area the 2 witnesses first saw the Vehicle driving around..

That was never put together as being important..

But this avenue was never investigated because Law-Enforcement had tunnel vision on another Vehicle...

Mja presued this lead of the other Vehicle...

During our investigation Texas Law-Enforcement asked for the Indiana Victims Parents DNA..

So at that point we knew there was a Texas connection...

In 2005 the local town Marshal gets a letter from an Ohio Inmate asking if this certain type of Vehicle ever come up in the investigation ?

If there was a compsite sketch done on a possible suspect ?

In the Police Case File the 2 witnesses that had seen the other Vehicle driving around they done a composit sketch...

But it was never released to the Media..

The local Town Marshal took the Ohio Inmate's letter & put it in the desk to collect dust..

Mja & the Victim's Family waited until June 2006 for the Marshal to investigate what was said in the letter..

When he didn't Mja & the Victim's Family had no choice but to Release this Info to the Public..

This led to the Ohio Inmate who wrote the letter to the Marshal & this Ohio Inmate Informant was a cell mate for 5 years with a convicted 1980's Child Serial Killer..

This Ohio Inmate Informant helped Law-Enforcement in Texas to solve 3 1980's Female Child Murders that his former cell mate had talked about..

This led Mja to interviewing the Ohio Inmate Informant on several occasions & he knew the Vehicle--he knew what she was wearing & he had Info that could have only came from the Killer..

So we know who took our Victim & the search area's are down to only 2 locations...

That Investigation continues for it has branched out to 17 States..



This is how we knew :

That in 1991 after leaving a Party with a so called Friend a 16 year old Male didn't lay down on a Indiana country road to get accidently ran over...

Our investigation started with a Police Officers hand sketches of the so called accident site where the victim was laying & where is so called Friend was laying who escaped harm & where flesh was discovered across the road in the grass & which way the vehicle was driving & how fast..

Mja saw the Autopsy Photo's of the Body--Fully clothed--then each item of clothing taken off you take another photo of the Body..

So we saw first hand the injuries the 16 year old suffered...

Mja done a re-enactment using the same type of vehicle & plus 3 other vehicles..

What we learned is this so called accident didn't happen the way the witnesses claim..

The Victims injuries are to presise & the distance between the Victim & his so called Friend laying in the road would make it impossible for it to happen the way they claim..

Another solid clue the flesh found across the road about 25 feet away from the Body was part of his testicles...

After being ran over :

The groin section of the victims pants wasn't ripped & didn't have a hole in that area & they werent unzipped..

There is no way possible that this Flesh shot down his pant legs or shot up from his waist & land almost 25 feet from the Body..

Also there is no blood evidence that says it happened that way if it was possible..

Our evidence states that the testicle injury happened before being ran over by a vehicle..


Over the years witnesses statements have changed on several occasions..

Our grounds that Mja presented was enough to get the case over-turned from Accidental to Undetermined which usually leads to Homicide..



This is how we knew :

That in 1965 a 2 year & 10 months old Female Child from Missouri didn't walk down to the bank of the Mississippi River & fall in..

This was what the directing Police Agency was saying in 1965..

So Mja took an expert hiker had him follow the route the small child would have took...

It took our expert hiker 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the river bank..

In that amount of time there was already a search for the young child taken place by Family & Friends...

The river bank was one of the first places searched & when the Police was called they searched the River area..


So how long do think it would have taken a 2 year & 10 month old Female Child to reach the river bank if it took an expert 31 minutes & 16 seconds to reach the bank ?

In doing so this avenue has been ruled out by all Law-Enforcement..



This is how we knew :

That in 1986 a 16 year old Male from Ohio was arrested for the Rape & Murder of his Girlfriend that he didn't do..

There was no evidence linking him to the crime..

He was later released & never thought much about it thinking he had been cleared..

Little did he know he was still the number one suspect & the public agreed also..

Later in life as an Adult the Boyfriend was charged..

The Boyfriend kept up on DNA & while setting in Jail he asked to have DNA testing done on the items at the crime scene..

Because in 1986 DNA testing wasn't done in the USA..

The answer was that he had to prove that there is some type of evidence that states he couldn't have been at the crime scene in question..

The Boyfriends Lawyer had Mja do an re-enactment on the time line the prosecution was using..

Going by the Police report time line & the prosecution time line Mja done an re-enactment..

We used a car close to what the Boyfriend drove in 1986 & we done it on a night where the road conditions were the same..

The Girl Friend left the school gym to walk home because she had a curfew..

About 20 minutes after the Girlfriend left the Boyfriend was out of sight from alibi witnesses for 13 minutes while using the restroom & sneaking a smoke..

Mja left the gym & drove out to where the Victim was found...

Remember the Killer took his time with her :

She was raped--beaten & murdered..

The killer also done some other things in the form of torture that has never been released to the public...

But the main thing is they took time to do..

Just the drive from the the gym to the crime scene took 19 minutes round-trip..

Mja tried at different speeds & still couldn't get it below 14 minutes round--trip..

Then with how she died & what was done to her would have taken a lot of time so there is no question the Boyfriend wasn't involved..

That was enough grounds to have DNA testing done & they found DNA besides the Victims..

That DNA testing proved that the Boyfriend wasn't the killer & he was released..

Just think this was all done by using the Police & Prosecution & Witness Statements..

As you see doing Re-enactments can be an important Tool to use to help you prove a Case..


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Mja Inc Investigations 2016 Operation Figures--Public Record Files

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Mja Inc Investigations

The numbers below are our Public Record Files that Mja releases every year..

At this time Mja has 44 staff members but only 38 staff members are active at this time due to personal leaves..

At this time Mja is working on 90 cases covering 12 States..

All figures are work related for 2016 :

Mja E-Mails : 175,605

Phone Hours : 5799

Research Man-Hours : 78,010

Mja Postings on Web-Sites : 903

2016 On-Line Hours Staff Meetings : 226

Hours of Travel : 170

Miles of Travel : 8,516

Search Man-Hours : 3,130

In 2016 Mja NY Staff Traveled to only 2 States..

Those States were Vermont--New Hampshire..

In 2016 Mja IN Staff Traveled to 4 States...

Those States are Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Kentucky

Even though the States traveled is down for 2016 we worked alot of area's in Indiana--Illinois--Michigan--Ohio--Kentucky--New York--Vermont--New Hampshire..

In 2016 Mja had "  97,045  " visitors at our web-site located at :


2016 Mja Webmaster Hours : 605

Mja Money Spent for 2016 to operate Mja : $ 2,888.00

The 38 active Mja staff members for 2016 averaged paying $ 76.00 for the year 2016 to carry out our work..

38 Members X $ 76.00 = ==== $ 2,888.00


In 2016 Mja Spent : $ 2,888.00

In 2016 Mja made $ 35.00 selling items on our web-site at our Mja Gift Shop..



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Mja Inc Investigations

We here at Mja wishes our Clients { who have become our extended Family } & our Staff & work related Friends a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year..

Another year is upon us & we have been Blessed with the relationships that we developed in the past 4 years..

These relationships has only helped to move several of our Cases along..

In 2017 there will be a lot of movement concerning all of our Cases..

May you all keep safe & go in Peace..

Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With You..

May You Gain What You Seek..


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The Bermuda Triangle

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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning the Bermuda Triangle can be found @ :

Mja Case Photo Gallary..

Click on : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : PAGE --- 70

Starting Photo : 4165


Ending Photo : 4170


The Bermuda Triangle

The earliest suggestion of unusual disappearances in the Bermuda area appeared in a 9-17-1950 article published in The Miami Herald (Associated Press) by Edward Van Winkle Jones..

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil's Triangle is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft & ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances...

Persons accepting the Bermuda Triangle as real have offered a number of explanatory approaches...

Paranormal Explanations -- Natural Explanations -- Compass Variations -- Gulf Stream -- Human Error -- Violent Weather -- Methane Hydrates

A 19th-century Baltimore clipper topsail schooner, a style of vessel made famous by its great success in the War of 1812...

Baltimore Clipper sailed in those waters for 150 years & logged over 150,000 miles thats equal to six times around the globe...

The Pride of Baltimore that sank was an authentic reproduction of the Baltimore Clipper...

On May 14, 1986 on her return home Pride of Baltimore was tragically lost at sea around the Bermuda Triangle...

The Boats Captain &  three of the crew did not survive...


The Disappearance Of Flight 19

Flight 19 was a training flight of five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers that disappeared on 12-5-1945 while over the Atlantic...

The squadron's flight plan was scheduled to take them due east from Fort Lauderdale for 141 miles & north for 73 miles & then back over a final 140-mile leg to complete the exercise...

The flight never returned to base...

The disappearance is attributed by Navy investigators to navigational error leading to the aircraft running out of fuel...

One of the search and rescue aircraft deployed to look for them with a 13-man crew, also disappeared...

Some say the Pilots got lost & ended up disappearing in the the Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devil's Triangle...

A tanker off the coast of Florida reported seeing an explosion & observing a widespread oil slick when fruitlessly searching for survivors..

The weather was becoming stormy by the end of the incident....

According to sources the Rescue Plane Mariner had a history of explosions due to vapour leaks when heavily loaded with fuel as for a potentially long search and rescue operation...



A pleasure yacht was found adrift in the Atlantic south of Bermuda on 9-26-1955 & it is usually stated in the stories that the crew vanished while the yacht survived being at sea during three hurricanes....

The 1955 Atlantic hurricane season shows Hurricane Ione passing nearby between the 14th & 18th of that month with Bermuda being affected by winds of almost gale force...

A second book on the Bermuda Triangle there is a letter in the Book from Mr J.E. Challenor of Barbados giving an eye-witness account to the Yacht's Disappearance..

On the morning of 9-22-1955 the Connemara IV was lying to a heavy mooring in the open roadstead of Carlisle Bay...

Because of the approaching hurricane the owner strengthened the mooring ropes and put out two additional anchors...

In Carlisle Bay the sea in the wake of Hurricane Janet was awe-inspiring & dangerous..

The owner of Connemara IV observed that she had disappeared...

An investigation revealed that she had dragged her moorings & had gone to sea...


Two Planes Disappear : The Star Tiger & Star Ariel

The Star Tiger disappeared on January 30, 1948, on a flight from the Azores to Bermuda..

The Star Ariel disappeared on 1-17-1949 on a flight from Bermuda to Kingston Jamaica...

Both planes were operating at the very limits of their range & the slightest error or fault in the equipment could keep them from reaching the small island...

One plane was not heard from long before it would have entered the Bermuda Triangle...

But its been known for Boats & Planes to loose radio contact before entering the Bermuda Triangle..

The Disappearance of the two Planes  remain unsolved to this day..

Resulting into speculation helping to develop the Bermuda Triangle or the Devil's Triangle legend.....


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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concering these cases can be located @ Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : Page-- 68

Stating Photo : 4021


Ending Photo : 4080




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Dolores Della Penna

The 17 year old Dolores Della Penna's had last been seen leaving her house in the city's Tacony neighborhood in Philadelphia  on July 11...

In July 1972 parts of Dolores Della Penna's body were found in two separate South Jersey locationS..

Della Penna was a 17-year-old Philadelphia school girl who was tortured, gang raped, murdered by dismemberment, & beheaded in the Kensington neighborhood in July, 1972...

Penna's torso & arms were later located in Jackson Township New Jersey. .

Her legs were found in adjacent Manchester Township New Jersey..

Her fingertips had been removed from her hands to prevent fingerprint identification & her head has never been found..

Her murder is unsolved..




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Athalia Ponsell Lindsley

The 56 year old Lindsley was a former Model & Broadway Dancer..

Lindsley was political activist & television personality on the show Winner Take All...

Lindsley was murdered by unknown assailant on the front steps of her home in St. Augustine Florida...

The 56 year old Female was fatally assaulted with a machete on the porch of her St. Augustine Florida, home on 1-23-1974..

The investigation centered on a neighbor that Lindsley was having a dispute with at the time..

The Neighbor was tried & acquitted due to mishandling of the evidence...

No other suspects have been named...

That case also remains unsolved...






Perry was a newlywed 19-year-old receptionist who was murdered inside Stanford Memorial Church within the grounds of Stanford University on 10-12-1974..

The murder of Arlis Perry has remained unsolved for 41 years as of 10-8-2016..

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office are still actively seeking information on the case..

On 10-12-1974 Arlis Perry parted from her husband after an argument to visit the Memorial Church on campus (just before midnight)...

Perry's body was discovered in the church by security guard and member of Stanford Police Department...

The Body was discovered approximately 05:45 a.m the following morning on 10-13-1974..

Arlis Perry was found face up & had been killed from a blow to the back of the head from an ice pick & she had also been strangled... 

Perry was naked from the waist down & a three-foot long altar candle had been inserted into her vagina...

A second candlestick was pushed up under her blouse & between her breasts...




HOMICIDE VICTIM : Betty van Patter 

The 52 year old Female Van Patter went missing on 12-13-1974..

Betty van Patter, 52, bookkeeper for the Black Panther Party..

After serving as a bookkeeper for Ramparts magazine..

Van Patter became an aide to Panther leader Elaine Brown in 1974 after being introduced to the Party by David Horowitz...

Van Patter went missing on 12-13-1974..

Some weeks later Van Patter's severely beaten corpse was found on a San Francisco Bay beach...

There was insufficient evidence for police to charge anyone with van Patter's death..

But the Black Panther Party was almost universally believed to be responsible..

Van Patter was last seen leaving a San Francisco tavern on 12-13-1974..


It has been believed that members of the Black Panter party were behind her death..


Van Patter had reportedly uncovered financial irregularities that pointed toward criminal activity...

But authorities have never named any suspects...



HOMICIDE VICTIM : Tammy A. Vincent

Vincent was an American teenager who was murdered in September 1979 in Tiburon California..

Vincent's body was not identified until 2007 some twenty-eight years after her murder...

Despite the fact that her identity was discovered the case remains unsolved..

A prime suspect has been selected...

It was believed Vincent may have been a victim of the notorious Green River killings...

Ridgway had to be known to be in the area..

Ridgeway had 49 Victims..

Gary Ridgway has since pleaded guilty to most of these killings plus six additional murders...



MISSOURI : Two Missing Females

Missing :  Rita L. Rinehart [ White Female ]

The 32 year old Vanished With-Out A Trace on 4-18-1980 from Kansas City Missouri..


Ms. Rinehart truck was located by Rinehart's husband's brother at the 707 Truck Stop, Interstate 70 & 7 Highway in Blue Springs Missouri on 5-19-1980..

The truck appeared to have been towed to that location & had been there since at least 5-1-1980...

It had items, including a shovel, a rope, & a serrated knife in the truck, along with a woman's purse...

At the time of her disappearance, Rinehart had a pending court case against her husband...

At one point her husband had held a gun to her head & Rinehart was extremely afraid of him...

Rinehart was known to communicate with truckers via CB Radio, using the call name “Wild Woman.”...



MISSING :  Gloria June Palmer [ White Female ]

The 44 yrea old Palmer went Missing With-Out ATrace on 6-29-1989 from St. Joseph Missouri..


Mrs. Palmer was last seen driving away from the Painted Pony Lounge on I-29 Southbound onto I-229 alone...

The 44 year old had been out with her sons Bill & David Palmer celebrating David's 21st birthday...

Palmer's vehicle was located parked in the garage with no signs of foul play at the residence...



Missing : Lorraine Rea Herbster  [ White Female ]

The 17 year old went Missing 3-9-1979 from Westampton Township New Jersey...


Herbster was last seen on 3-9-1979 in Westampton Township, New Jersey while walking home from her new job at a Mount Holly electronics firm...

Herbster's car & purse were found in her Westampton front yard following her disappearance...

Police have never been able to substantiate persistent rumors she was slain & her body dumped at a local construction site...



MISSING : Cathleen Marie Martin [ White Female ]

The 28 year old Martain went Missing With-Out A Trace on 5-13-1987 from Cape New Jersey..




Martin was last seen on 3-13-1987 in Cape May New Jersey..

Cathleen Marie Martin boarded a plane en route to Ft. Lauderdale Florida...

Upon arrival stayed for an extra week...

Never returned home...

She left 2 small children with sister...



MISSING : Rachael Elizabeth Garden

The 15 year old white female vanished without a trace on 3-22-1980 from Newton New Hampshire..



Rachael was last seen at a Rowes Corner Market on Route 108 in Newton, NH at approximately 9:00 pm on 3-22-1980..

She bought a pack of cigarettes she left the store heading north toward North Main Street. ..

Garden was a regular customer at the store...

In her free time Rachael often walked the quarter-mile down to Rowe's Corner Market, looking for some excitement..

Rachael was considered a runaway by police in the first months after her disappearance...


Over the years police investigators have checked numerous leads including using dogs & excavated sites looking for remains..

Her parents have consulted psychics and hired private investigators to no avail...

Years later at least two witnesses reported seeing Rachael talking to three young men in a dark car in the vicinity of Rowe's Market and Maple Avenue...



MISSING : Maura Murray [ White Female ]



21 year old Nursing Student from U Mass went missing on 2-9-2004 from Haverhill New Hampshire better location would be Woodsville NH..

Murray was involved in a one-car accident Route 112 in the Woodsville section of Haverhill in northern New Hampshire between 7:00 and 7:30 p.m. on 2-9-2004...

Her car a black 1996 Saturn with Massachusetts license plates failed to negotiate a sharp curve & ran off the road striking a tree...


Maura Murray's vehicle was then found in the town of Haverhill, N.H. crashed & abandoned on the side of the road...

Her doors were reportedly locked & a few items had been removed from her car..

A passing motorist later says Murray refused his offer of assistance..

Haverhill Police Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives at the scene finding a locked Saturn & no driver...

Miss Murray had vanished by the time authorities arrived at the scene..

We know Miss Murray's  case is a Stranger Abduction because she was traveling from--MA..



Missing : Starlette Vining [ White Female ]

The 39 year old went Missing in October 1998 from Presque Isle Maine..


It was brought to the attention of the Maine State Police at the end of 2006 that Starlette Vining, who last resided in the town of Presque Isle may be a missing person..

The investigation shows that Vining last worked at Smythe's IGA in Presque Isle and that she last appeared for work there in October 1998...

Vining's former husband & her three children last saw her in 1998 as well...

Vining has had a history of relocating but has never been out of her family's lives for more than a few years at a time...

Update : George Jaime Sr. was convicted of Slarlette's murder. Her body has not beed located...



MISSING : Marilyn J. Lehan [ White Female ]

The 47 year old went Missing on 7-2-2002 Eastport Maine..


Marilyn was last seen by family in July 2002 when they visited with her at her residence in Eastport Maine...

Marilyn's husband moved away & indicated that she told him she was going to a Catholic retreat in the Montana area...

Marilyn has not been heard from since...


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South Carolina : Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp & Indiana : Serial Killer Carl "Charlie" Brandt 

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Mja Inc Investigations

Todd Kohlhepp

Police found Kala Brown 30, who had been missing since 8-31-16 chained inside a metal storage container on Kohlhepp’s land...

Bodies found on suspected serial killer's land identified : Two bodies found on the rural property of a South Carolina man linked to five other deaths...

Todd Kohlhepp as a teen was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Arizona for binding & raping a 14-year-old neighbor at gunpoint... He was Released in 2001..


Carl "Charlie" Brandt  : While growing up in Indiana the 13 year old Brandt had shot his parents – his pregnant mother fatally – in 1971...

Carl "Charlie" Brandt spent one year at a psychiatric hospital before being released & was never criminally charged..

Brandt's Father & Sister survived the attack..

The Indiana Courts made the Father take Charlie & move out of state--They settled in Florida..

On 9-15-2004 Charlies Brandt was found hanging from the rafters of the garage & inside the home was Brandt's wife & niece dead--Charlie being the guilty one..

Carl "Charlie" Brandt : The search led to twenty-six unsolved murders in Florida going back to 1973, the year Brandt moved to the state..

Some cold cases have since been positively ascribed to Brandt by the authorities...

Brandt had a job with a software company & he traveled the east coast & some of these area's were targeted by one of the Connecticut River Valley Serial Killers..

When are Judges going to learn that these young offenders doing these types of crime are never going to change & we aren't talking about petty crimes...

Then you have these people say its unjust to give them Life in Prison because of their Age..

Did these Judges actually believe as they get older they grow out of this type of behavior ?

In these two sample cases shows the Judges were not protecting the Public & or even thought about..

You Judges set two Monsters free to carry on right were they left off..

These two case samples is reality & truth when you Release young offenders after doing such crimes--they all continue to Abduct-Rape & Kill...

Can you count the live's that would have been saved if these two had never been released ?

At this time there is not a finished number of kills for Carl "Charlie" Brandt because he is still being investigated by several Agencies..


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Mja Inc Investigations

The PodCast : Missing : Maura Murray that Mja Inc Investigations took part in was Hosted & recorded by Tim & Lance on 10-25-16 has been released for your listening pleasure..

Listen to Mja guest speaker Mark Harper talk to Tim & Lance about Mja Inc Investigations & the work we do..

Listen to the conversation about other Cases Mja are involved in & most important listen to the interview about the Maura Murray Case...

Here a few different ways you can listen to the episode 32 :

iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/missing-maura-murray/id1006974447

AudioBoom : https://audioboom.com/posts/5235898-ep-32-mja-s-case-61

YouTube : https://youtu.be/fC7RJoDNM7w

Mja has realized that the you-tube link is easier & faster..


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Mja Inc Investigations

I don't care what Color you are or the Faith You Follow :

Please click onto this very powerful music video link :


What I also find strange about some video's : They have the song & a video to follow the music & then there is a 3rd source being used..

Having people hold up flash cards that has tid-bit sayings on them that has to do with life & certain people...



Here is some of the Flash Cards I have read :

I assumed it was normal -- I disgust myself -- I am Guilty -- I hate him -- I love her -- Pick love or fear -- I miss her -- I am a product of sex & violence -- You got me Pregnant -- I have shallow unrealistic Dreams -- I am boring in bed -- I slept with over 400 women -- I am too beautiful for you -- I don't think I watch tv -- I love you -- I will change your life -- Does anybody love you -- I love it when you fail -- I hate myself & I hate you -- I am a Liar -- Mostly I hate to sleep alone -- I will never be your Friend -- You think you have Freedom -- I choke on Pop Culture-- Everything will eventually End...

As you can see there are more negative Flash Cards then Postitive ones..

Since social media you see some people using this language..


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MISSING : Maura Murray--PodCast

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Mja Inc Investigations


On 10-25-16 Mja Staff done a recorded PodCast on the Murray Case hosted by Tim & Lance..

At this time we don't know when this show will air but we will keep you posted..

I would like to thank Dan & Cali of our Mja Staff for taking part in the PodCast..

Mja would like to Thank Tim & Lance for having us on the PodCast..

If you want to dive into the Murray Case you can listen to their other PodCast's on the Disappearance of Maura Murray click on the links below...





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Mja Inc Investigations


Mja Press Release

On 10-25-16 @ 8:00pm EST..

Mja Inc Investigations will be quest speakers on the Pod-Cast :

MISSING MAURA MURRAY which will be recorded concerning the Murray Case..

Miss Murray went Missing on 2-9-2004 from Woodsville New Hampshire area on remote State Highway 112..

At this time because of the important events going on now & in the near future we don't know how much we can share on the Pod-Cast..

What can be released on the Pod-Cast will be on the 25th...

There for it will be recorded so at a later Date it can be played in full...

The links to the Pod-Cast Hosted by : Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna are below..

iTunes link (main link if you're only using one):




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Mja Inc Investigations


Mja is very impressed with the work that was done on this Pod-Cast...

We are very impressed with Mr.Smith & his hard work to the core..

Even though Mja & Mr.Smith might not agree concerning what happened to Miss Murray's we still take notice of Mr.Smith's Investigation--its sound & solid..

Mja would like to say we are sorry to Mr.Smith for not keeping in contact with him since 2005..

We just didn't know or understand the depth of Mr.Smith's involvement on the Case..

Bearing that in mind we wanted to Respect his Privacy & we didn't want to make it a habit of calling him for help every time we traveled to New Hampshire...

This was our mistake...

All of you keep up the good work...





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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concering these cases can be located @ Mja Case Photo Gallary

Click on Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to : Page-- 67

Stating Photo : 4006


Ending Photo : 4020


Minnesota : Two Missing Females

Missing : Joan Mary Bieter [ White Female ]

 The 22 year old Bieter went Missing With-Out A Trace on 7-16-1968 from St. Paul Minnesota..


Joan had an argument with her father..

The following morning she told her brother that she was leaving & would not return...

No one has heard from her since...



Missing : Hang Lee  [Asian Female ]

The 17 year old Lee went Missing With-Out A Trace on 1-15-1993 from St. Paul Minnesota ....


Hang Lee was last seen getting into a car with her friend and several passengers...

Her friend has since returned home but Hang has not been heard from since...

A friend of Lee's was working for the man's painting & decorating business on the East Side...

He asked her if Hang Lee wanted a job and arranged to meet her...

They met a few days later...

The man dropped Hang Lee's friend off at an East Side gas station and drove away with Hang Lee in the car...

The last person Hang Lee was seen with has a history of charges for sex offenses..

It's unclear whether he was convicted...

Police questioned him, but he was uncooperative...

That was the last time Hang Lee is reported to have been seen...



Missing : Angela Lynn Williams [ White Female ]

The 21 year old Vanished With-Out A Trace on  7-10-1995 from Pass Christian Mississippi ...


In September of 1995, Ms. Williams mother reported that she had not heard from her daughter in several months...

(Ms. Williams Mother was disabled and lived in Arkansas). .

Angelas boyfriend stated she had left with a rich friend she had met in Florida...

The investigation revealed she did have a rich friend in Florida..

Angela left her place of employment July 10, 1995 around 8 AM and she left behind her paycheck and her vehicle...



Missing : Katherine Marie Lowery  [ White Female ]

The 26 year old Katherine Marie Lowery went Missing With-Out A Trace from Olive Branch Mississippi ...


On 11/09/1999, Cheyenne Police Department Wyoming contacted the De Soto County Sheriff’s Department..

The Hernando, Mississippi & detailed the arrest of Katherine Marie Lowery’s former boyfriend for sexually assaulting Lowery’s daughter in a hotel/apartment in Cheyenne...

During the boyfriend’s arrest Lowery’s daughter & her younger brother told police that they had not seen their mother since 02/02/1999..

Thats when they were living in Olive Branch Mississippi...

Preliminary investigation revealed Katherine Marie Lowery’s disappearance may be the result of foul play...


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Mja Inc Staff


PRESS RELEASE : Blog Radio Show For Missing Missouri Child : Elizabeth Ann Gill

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Please Share This Press Release


Mja Inc Investigations

Please join :

Mja Inc Investigations,The Gill Family,The Tracy & Craig Show & Together We Stand on 9-21-16 { Wednesday }..

At 3:00pm CT to 5:00pm CT or 4:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST for the Radio Show concerning Missing Child Elizabeth Ann Gill...

To those that want to listen in the Direct Link to the Show is down below :


For those that might want to take part in the Show can call in at : 215-383-3795..

Listen to Mja Investigator & Martha { Gill } Hamilton the Victims Sister & to a Mja Case Profiler to learn what the Families Investigation has uncovered & what Mja has confirmed to be factual Info..

Listen to the shocking Facts that states Elizabeth Ann Gill could still be Alive !!!

Elizabeth Ann Gill : 2 Years & 10 Months Old went Missing on 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri...

Mja got involved with this Case on 5-8-2012 after being contacted by Martha [ Gill ] Hamilton who is one of Beth's Sister's..


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Mja Inc Staff


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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning this Case can be found in our :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to Page--- 67

Starting Photo : 3985


Ending Photo : 3996

A lot of the facts posted here came from the Book & Movie of :


BY : Retired LA Detective Joseph Wambaugh 

School Teacher Susan Reinert  & her 2 Children-- Michael & Karen was last seen leaving their Home in Ardmore Pennsylvania on 6-22-1979..

On 6-25-1979 Susan's body was found in the trunk of her own car which was parked in the parking lot of the Host Inn in Swatara Township Pennsylvania..

Reinert had been beaten & bound with a chain & then killed with an injection of morphine 24 to 36 hours after the beating...

There was no sign of  Michael or Karen at the scene and an extensive search turned up no signs of either of them...



Missing : 11 Year Old Karen Reinert

Karen Reinert went Missing with her Mother Susan & Brother Michael on 6-22-1979 from Ardmore Pennsylvania..

Police discovered a photograph of what appears to be a grave & are trying to identify the location of where it was taken..

Detectives believe the children may be buried there...

Sand samples taken from Susan's feet suggest her murder could have taken place at the New Jersey shore...

The weekend Susan was killed one of the men convicted of her murder was known to have gone to Cape May New Jersey...


Missing : 10 Year Old Michael Reinert

Michael Reinert went Missing with his Mother Susan & Sister Karen on 6-22-1979 from Ardmore Pennsylvania..

The Police discovered a photograph of what appears to be a grave & are trying to identify the location of where it was taken..

Police believe the Children may be buried there...

The Children are presumed dead but their Remains have never been found..


The massive FBI & State Police investigation ultimately centered on two men...

Two men were convicted of the murders of the Reinert Family...

The 2 Men Convicted Of The Murders

William Sidney "Bill" Bradfield who was Susan's boyfriend...

William Bradfield was a bearded & charismatic English teacher..

But his real genius was for juggling women--three at a time... 

One of those women was Susan Reinert...

In 1983 Bradfield was convicted of conspiracy to commit the same murders..

For Bradfield was the sole beneficiary of Susan Reinert's life insurance...

Bradfield was sentenced to life imprisonment died in Prison in 1998..

Bradfield enlisted Dr.Jay Smith as his major accomplice & together they murdered one mistress & her two kids..

Dr. Jay Charles Smith : Was the Principal of the school where Susan taught..

Smith at night was a sadist who indulged in porno--drugs & weapons...

Smith was known among the faculty as the Prince of Darkness..

For Smiths part in the 3 Murders Smith was sentenced to Death in 1986..

After spending 6 years on Death Row Smith was released when his conviction was overturned because of allegedly concealed evidence by the prosecution...

Smith's druggy daughter accused him of chemically inciting his wife's extremely rapid cancer...

Since those accusations Smith's daughter & her husband disappeared with-out a trace..

Smith died on 5-12-2009 of a heart condition...


The main goal for everyone involved in this case is to locate the Remains of the Children ...

Only then will the Case be completed & truly be solved..

Mja believes the Photo of some type of Marker could be the location of the Children..


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Mja Inc Staff



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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's concerning these cases can be found :

Go to the Mja Case Photo Gallary..

Under :

Mja Inc Investigation Case Photo's

Go to Page--- 66

Starting Photo : 3922


Ending Photo : 3960




CASE : 45


A 4 year old White Male Daniel Barter vanished with-out a trace on 6-18-1959..

The 4 year old was last seen in Perdido Bay Alabama located in Baldwin County..


Daniel Barter was last seen playing near the banks of Perdido Bay...

Where his parents, three brothers, an uncle & two cousins were campling...

Around 9:45 a.m. while the family was preparing equipment for a fishing trip they realized Danny was gone...

The search for Danny started at the beach a few miles north of the U.S. 98 bridge into Florida..

Danny didn't like the water & there were no footprints leading into the bay...

The search included several hundred volunteers & emergency personnel..

The bloodhounds repeatedly tracked the boy's scent to the same spot on a nearby road...

The case remained open for years but no leads ever emerged...

In 2008, investigators began a new push to solve the case with the prevailing theory being that Danny was abducted...


CASE : 46


A 5 year old White/Hispanic Female Andrea R. Gonzalez went Missing with-out a trace on 11-20-1993 from Russellville Alabama located in Franklin County...


Andrea Gonzalez was reported missing by her father & stepmother who claimed she walked away from their trailer in the middle of the night...

In 1995, her stepmother admitted to accidently scalding Andrea in the tub...

She claims to have treated the burns and put her to bed...

Hours later Andrea was dead...

Andrea's stepmother says she wrapped the body in plastic garbage bags that were tied to a concrete block with electrical cord...

Andrea's father confessed to throwing her body off the Mon Dye Bridge into the Upper Bear Creek Lake....

Two trash bags and a concrete block were located during the search for Andrea's body but she has never been found....

A jury convicted the stepmother of child abuse & she served time on a 10-year sentence until her release in 2001...

The father was released in 1997 after serving two years for manslaughter...




CASE : 47

Amy Lee Fandel an 8 year old White Female went Missing on 9-5-1978 from Sterling Alaska located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough..


Amy was last seen at her family's Sterling Alaska home with her older brother Scott & their mother & a visiting aunt...

The women brought Scott & Amy back to the cabin at that time & then returned to the bar by themselves...

They arrived back home between 02.00 & 03.00 to find the lights out & food cooking on the stove...

Assuming that Scott & Amy were sleeping at a neighbor's house they retired for the night...

The neighbor's children arrived at the Fandels' home after school and inquired as to Scott and Amy's whereabouts...

The aunt learned that neither child had attended classes that day, nor had they spent the night at the neighbor's house...

She called the mother who immediately summoned the police...

Bullet casings were later found outside the cabin...


CASE : 48


David Michael Borer an 8 year old White Male went Missing on 4-26-1989 with-out a trace from Willow Alaska located in Matanuska-Susitna Borough..


Borer walked to Mile Marker 82 on Parks Highway while playing near Wasilla Alaska on April 26, 1989 at approximately 17:00...

The 8 year old was either going to a friend's or to play at a nearby sandbar on the Kashwitna River...

By 19:00 he could not be located...

Search dogs traced Borer's scent as far as the road there was no sign of him elsewhere...

He lived near Mile Marker 82 on Parks Highway about 11 miles North of Willow Alaska..




CASE : 49

Randy Doyle Parscale Jr. a 10 year old White Male disappeared on 4-7-1979 from Oracle Arizona located in Pinal County..


Parscale was last seen at picnic & rock-hunting excursion with his family in Peppersauce Canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains located in Arizona..

While Parscale's grandfather rested in the shade that afternoon the young boy & his stepbrother & his uncle ventured up a trail....

Parscale ran ahead at one point up a hill & around a bend & he vanished...

For almost a week hundreds of searchers - on foot--on horseback--via helicopter & using search dogs - scoured the rough terrain on the north side of the Catalina Mountains...

Nothing was Found..


CASE : 50


7 year old Karen Rosalba Grajeda a White/Hispanic Female disappeared on 1-11-1996 from Tucson Arizona located in Pima County..


Grajeda was last seen playing outside of her apartment complex on West Valencia Street in Tucson Arizona on 1-11-1996..

Karen's mother spoke no English & her father was in Mexico...

After coming home from Elvira Elementary the 7 year old spent the afternoon cleaning her room & playing Nintendo...

Grajeda then went out roller skating with her sister & her friends in the courtyard of the apartment...

At about 18.00, Karen brought her skates home & then went out to play again...

Her mother called her for dinner at 18.30..

Karen didn't answer...

The 7 year old was gone...

None of the other children still playing in the courtyard had seen anything. ..

There were no signs of a struggle-no one had heard a scream or seen a stranger in the area...

Karen's mother called the police...

Later, police & scores of volunteers combed the area & Karen's family held vigils, praying for her return home...

Detectives questioned known child molesters & pedophiles in the area & ound no leads...

There were three other little girls from the South side of Tuscon who'd been abducted & molested between July 1993 and May 1994...

In these earlier abductions the perpetrator had allowed the girls to escape...

But on 12-14-1999 another little Hispanic girl from the South side, six year old Esther Galaz, was kidnapped...

A day after Esther was abducted her body was found in a drainage ditch near her home...

The FBI believes these four abductions to be related to Karen's disappearance...

They continue to investigate cases of serial rape & murder of little Hispanic girls in the Southwestern United States...




CASE : 51

14 year old Christina Marchell Richart a White Female went Missing with-out a trace on 6-1-1999 from Ozark Arkansas..


Christina was last seen on 6-1-1999 traveling with her aunt to Rialto California. ..

Christina was at the time believed to have arrived at her destination a week later & she has not been heard from since...

A federal indictment in 2008 accuses the aunt of killing Christina & alleges the woman's husband buried the girl's body in woods outside Ozark...

According to the indictment, Christina was living with her aunt & uncle in Ozark when she got into an argument with her aunt....

The indictment says the uncle dug a hole in woods outside Ozark & put his niece's body in it then returned home & burned her clothes..

The federal indictment charges the couple with making false statements to FBI agents investigating the disappearance of Christina Richart...

The teenager's body has not been found...

The couple entered not guilty pleas in the federal case...


CASE : 52


4year old Thomas Michael Rettew a White Male disappeared on 9-1-2002 from Salem Arkansas located in Fulton County..


Thomas was last seen on 9-1-2002...

The 4 year old may be in the company of an adult female relative...

They were last seen leaving in a late model (1999 or later) dark gray or blue Chevy or GMC extended cab pickup with Missouri plates...

Some agencies say he disappeared from Thayer Missouri..




CASE : 53

7 year old Donna Lee Fowler a White Female went Missing with-out a trace on 11-10-1980 from Trinity California located in Trinity County..


Fowler was last seen on 11-10-1980 in Trinity California...

Donna was kept home from school that day and told her grandfather that she was going to run away. ..

She was last seen at 14.30 that day near the Joss House Historical Museum downtown & her mother reported her missing at 23.30...

Donna was not reported missing right away because she had "run away" before and had always gone to a friend's house...

There was an investigation that included a search with bloodhounds--hypnosis of two Redding men who thought they saw Donna & a reward raised by a local businessman but she was never found...

In August 2007 they dug up a well in Weaverville after getting a tip that Donna's remains had been placed in an old well in the area...

But no evidence of Donna was located there...

In December 2008 Wayne Harvey Smith confessed to killing Donna....

Smith lived near Donna's family in Weaverville & he knew them. Investigators long suspected that Smith was responsible for her disappearance. ..

They did not have the evidence to arrest Smith or to officially name him as a suspect at the time...

He left town shortly after the little girl vanished in November 1980...

Investigators spoke to Smith about the Donna Fowler case after his arrest in 1985 but he denied responsibility..

A break came when DNA linked Smith to a 1983 cold case in Los Angeles County...

In a December 2, 2008 interview, given as part of a plea deal to avoid the death penalty in the 1983 case Smith admitted to killing Donna on the day she went missing...

Smith stated that Donna came to his 'shack' & wouldn't leave...

Smith became angry & strangled Donna...

Smith stated he took Donna to the Weaverville landfill & placed her body there. ..

At the time the landfill was an open pit that residents threw their garbage in. ..

Because of the time elapsed & changes at the landfill over the last 28 years there will be no attempt to recover Donna's remains...

Donna's Mother was willing to allow a deal that had been made with Smith..

Since Smith was already serving time in prison and would never be released. ..

The missing person case has been reclassified as a homicide & the investigation has been closed...

Smith is serving life in prison without parole for another homicide...


CASE : 54


9 year old Mitchel Salomon a White Male went Missing on 10-12-1982 from Northridge California Los Angeles County..


Mitchel was last seen at home with his family--who are also reported missing...

Also missing is his father Sol Salomon--his mother Elaine Salomon & sister, Michelle Houchman. ..

The family was last seen on 10-12-1982 in Los Angeles California..

The family is from Israel & lived on Lassen Street at the time. ..

Authorities discovered small splatters of blood in one room of the Salomon family's residence...

Some of the Salomons' passports, wallets & photos were discovered scattered along the Antelope Valley Freeway near Acton California on 10-17-1982..

A suspect was arrested for the family's murders in August 1988...

The evidence against him was circumstantial...

The case ended in two mistrials before the suspect was acquitted of any involvement in July 1992...



These 2 Cases took place in the same area..


CASE : 55

13 year old Landon Lee Deriggi a White Male went Missing on 7-27-1973 from Miami Shores Florida located in Dade County..


Deriggi told his mother he was going to the store on 7-27-1973..

The 13 year old was never seen or heard from again...

The Deriggis lived in a 1950s-era house on the 400 block of Northwest 112th Terrace..

It was across from an old dog-racing track & down the street from Barry University...

Lanny had started running away for brief spells...

Once he was found in Fort Lauderdale...

Another time his mother found him at the Barry field alone...

The 13 year old vanished during his family's vacation...

They were planning to drive to Disney World the next day...

The next morning his mother was sleeping when Lanny asked to go to Barry to play...

When he did not return his mother did not call the authorities right away as Lanny usually returned quickly...

A day or two passed before the Mother dialed Miami Shores police...

Officers found some of his belongings in the hedges of a nearby house...

They speculated he was meeting somebody...

Investigators interviewed neighborhood friends to no avail...


CASE : 56


8 year old Marjorie Christina Luna a White Female went Missing with-out a trace on 5-27-1984 from Miami Shores Florida located in Dade County...


Luna was last seen at 14:30 at a neighborhood store (Belk's General Store) in her hometown of Greenacres City Florida on 5-27-1984..

She purchased cat food & left the store at approximately 15:00...

The business was located 400 yards from Luna's home...

Foul play is suspected in Luna's disappearance....


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Mja Inc Staff

Missing Canadian Couple : 6-12-1973

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Sweet Pea

Canadian couple Ron Yakimchuk age 27 & his wife Terry Pettit (Yakimchuk) age 24--went Missing on 6-12-1973...

They were from Edmonton Alberta..

Their car was fully loaded with their belongings & headed for a wedding to attend in Montreal Quebec...

Last heard from Dryden Ontario & someone thought they saw them at Parry Sound Ontario in July same year...

They were driving a VW Beatle car that has never been found...



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Sweet Pea

Mja Serves Our Communities & Educate's

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Mja Inc Investigations

One of our best Resources is our Young Staff Members..

Our first Public Relations Director was 16 years old { with her Parents permission } & in her 3rd year of High School..

She was first in her Debate Class & she could hold her own during an interview..

At 14 to 16 years of age { with their Parents permission } we had teenage Males as Water Runners or equipment runners...

Someone would always met them out of the search area..

They would pack a bag for each Searcher : 2 Drinks--Wiki-Taki or cell phone & camera...

Evidence gloves & bags..A twenty foot rope & 100 search markers..

Sometimes they would stay with the Vehicles & run Radio traffic for those that are searching..

At 16 years old { with their Parents permission } they would be allowed to take part in the Search..

Remind you that most of these teenager's were Boy-Scouts & Cadet Explorers from county law-enforcement agencies..

Mja also gives exam's to teenage volunteers to see what their strongest field might be..

Whats shocking was their test score averages : The highest is 97.4 & the lowest is 93.7..

These were exam's I took over the last 40 years..

Now their all grown-up & are top-notch in what they do for Mja..

Our youngest Staff Member at this time is 17 years old & also a Family Member..

In the beginning Mja use to appear as speakers at Parent Groups & Schools to educate the Children on how to stay safe..

In the last 8 months Mja is getting back into that avenue..


Mja also serves for the Court Systems & Probation Departments...

Mja has had volunteers that were charged with a petty crime & was given Community Service..

They would work off those Community Service hours going on Searches with Mja & candle-lite Vigils..

Some would have 100 to 500 Community Service hours..

2 of those people ended up joining our Group : One Female & 1 Male..


Then along comes Dan who I had met concerning a Case...

Dan was going to College & done his Intership with Mja & Dan ended up joining Mja...

Dan got his degree..


Today Mja was concacted by a College saying the students are having a hard time finding Internships were its hands on Training..

Asked if we would like to have some Intern's ?

In 2017 its possible that Mja will be adding 10 Internship Students to our Staff for 140 Hours..

Each Students Internship is 140 Hours..

The leading factors for them reaching out is our educational web-site & other sites we post on & the Blog Radio Shows Mja had done where we were Guest Speaker's on The Show..

As I have always said the more you educate Investigators could bring different ways of thinking & with different opinions...

One of those different Avenue's could be Correct..

Mja is on-hands Training & its an Honor to help Educate the Public..

Mja has been Blessed with the relationships we gained in the past 3 years..


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Mja Inc Staff




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Mja Inc Investigations


Photo's for these Cases can be found in our Mja Case Photo Gallary..


Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to Page : 65

Starting Photo : 3889


Ending Photo :  3900


Missing New Mexico

Michelle Quintana

The 23 year old Female { Race Unknown } vanished with-out a trace on 8-8-1987 from Santa Fe New Mexico..


Michelle Quintana was last seen on 8-8-1987 at the DeVargas Shopping Mall..

The 23 year old has never been found...

The 23 year old Michelle was last seen by her family at her home at 328 Prince Road..

Michelle Quintana sold real estate for a company owned by her father-in-law..

On the night she disappeared Quintana's beeper went off and she said she was going to use a pay telephone on Cerrillos Road...

Michelle Quintana's pickup was found at De Vargas Center Mall...

An unidentified caller told police that Quintana was seen getting into a red Jeep at the mall...

Foul play is suspected...



Tara Leigh Calico a 19 year old white female went Missing on 9-20-1988 from Belen New Mexico..


The 19 year old Calico left her house on Brugg Street in Belen New Mexico to go on a bike ride at 09:30 on the morning of 9-20-1988..

Tara Leigh Calico was last seen riding her mother's neon pink Huffy mountain bicycle with yellow control cables and sidewalls on Highway 47 in Valencia County, at approximately 11:45 a.m. Calico biked the route daily during her routine 36-mile ride...

Around 11:45 witnesses observed a 1953 Ford pickup truck dirty white or light gray -in color with a white homemade shell, following Tara..

Tara was wearing headphones, down the unpopulated stretch of highway where she was riding but no one saw the abduction...

The bike has never been found...

She was 2 miles from home at the time of the sighting...

The small, cracked plastic window of the Sony Walkman was recovered 19 miles east of N.M. 47 near the remote John F. Kennedy campground...

Calico's mother believes that her daughter deliberately discarded the items as a way to mark her trail...

Detectives also identified bike tracks on the north side of the shoulder of N.M. 47, near the place the cassette tape was found & where a scuffle might have taken place...



Ann Lombard a 46 year old white female vanished without a trace on 4-29-1996 from Placitas New Mexico..


Lombard was last seen in Placitas NM the morning of 4-29-1996 at around 09:00..

The 46 year old lived in a secluded wooded area on Perdiz Canyon Road in Placitas New Mexico from approximately April 8, to 4-29-1996 after moving from the Austin Texas area...

The boyfriend had documented injuries as a result of the altercation with Ann Lombard..

He advised that Ann Lombard left on foot 4-29-1996 & she has not been seen or heard from since...

Ann Lombard left behind four small children from the relationship & three other children from previous relationships...

Foul play is possible...


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark