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Mja Inc Investigations

One of our best Resources is our Young Staff Members..

Our first Public Relations Director was 16 years old { with her Parents permission } & in her 3rd year of High School..

She was first in her Debate Class & she could hold her own during an interview..

At 14 to 16 years of age { with their Parents permission } we had teenage Males as Water Runners or equipment runners...

Someone would always met them out of the search area..

They would pack a bag for each Searcher : 2 Drinks--Wiki-Taki or cell phone & camera...

Evidence gloves & bags..A twenty foot rope & 100 search markers..

Sometimes they would stay with the Vehicles & run Radio traffic for those that are searching..

At 16 years old { with their Parents permission } they would be allowed to take part in the Search..

Remind you that most of these teenager's were Boy-Scouts & Cadet Explorers from county law-enforcement agencies..

Mja also gives exam's to teenage volunteers to see what their strongest field might be..

Whats shocking was their test score averages : The highest is 97.4 & the lowest is 93.7..

These were exam's I took over the last 40 years..

Now their all grown-up & are top-notch in what they do for Mja..

Our youngest Staff Member at this time is 17 years old & also a Family Member..

In the beginning Mja use to appear as speakers at Parent Groups & Schools to educate the Children on how to stay safe..

In the last 8 months Mja is getting back into that avenue..


Mja also serves for the Court Systems & Probation Departments...

Mja has had volunteers that were charged with a petty crime & was given Community Service..

They would work off those Community Service hours going on Searches with Mja & candle-lite Vigils..

Some would have 100 to 500 Community Service hours..

2 of those people ended up joining our Group : One Female & 1 Male..


Then along comes Dan who I had met concerning a Case...

Dan was going to College & done his Intership with Mja & Dan ended up joining Mja...

Dan got his degree..


Today Mja was concacted by a College saying the students are having a hard time finding Internships were its hands on Training..

Asked if we would like to have some Intern's ?

In 2017 its possible that Mja will be adding 10 Internship Students to our Staff for 140 Hours..

Each Students Internship is 140 Hours..

The leading factors for them reaching out is our educational web-site & other sites we post on & the Blog Radio Shows Mja had done where we were Guest Speaker's on The Show..

As I have always said the more you educate Investigators could bring different ways of thinking & with different opinions...

One of those different Avenue's could be Correct..

Mja is on-hands Training & its an Honor to help Educate the Public..

Mja has been Blessed with the relationships we gained in the past 3 years..


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Mja Inc Investigations


Photo's for these Cases can be found in our Mja Case Photo Gallary..


Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to Page : 65

Starting Photo : 3889


Ending Photo :  3900


Missing New Mexico

Michelle Quintana

The 23 year old Female { Race Unknown } vanished with-out a trace on 8-8-1987 from Santa Fe New Mexico..


Michelle Quintana was last seen on 8-8-1987 at the DeVargas Shopping Mall..

The 23 year old has never been found...

The 23 year old Michelle was last seen by her family at her home at 328 Prince Road..

Michelle Quintana sold real estate for a company owned by her father-in-law..

On the night she disappeared Quintana's beeper went off and she said she was going to use a pay telephone on Cerrillos Road...

Michelle Quintana's pickup was found at De Vargas Center Mall...

An unidentified caller told police that Quintana was seen getting into a red Jeep at the mall...

Foul play is suspected...



Tara Leigh Calico a 19 year old white female went Missing on 9-20-1988 from Belen New Mexico..


The 19 year old Calico left her house on Brugg Street in Belen New Mexico to go on a bike ride at 09:30 on the morning of 9-20-1988..

Tara Leigh Calico was last seen riding her mother's neon pink Huffy mountain bicycle with yellow control cables and sidewalls on Highway 47 in Valencia County, at approximately 11:45 a.m. Calico biked the route daily during her routine 36-mile ride...

Around 11:45 witnesses observed a 1953 Ford pickup truck dirty white or light gray -in color with a white homemade shell, following Tara..

Tara was wearing headphones, down the unpopulated stretch of highway where she was riding but no one saw the abduction...

The bike has never been found...

She was 2 miles from home at the time of the sighting...

The small, cracked plastic window of the Sony Walkman was recovered 19 miles east of N.M. 47 near the remote John F. Kennedy campground...

Calico's mother believes that her daughter deliberately discarded the items as a way to mark her trail...

Detectives also identified bike tracks on the north side of the shoulder of N.M. 47, near the place the cassette tape was found & where a scuffle might have taken place...



Ann Lombard a 46 year old white female vanished without a trace on 4-29-1996 from Placitas New Mexico..


Lombard was last seen in Placitas NM the morning of 4-29-1996 at around 09:00..

The 46 year old lived in a secluded wooded area on Perdiz Canyon Road in Placitas New Mexico from approximately April 8, to 4-29-1996 after moving from the Austin Texas area...

The boyfriend had documented injuries as a result of the altercation with Ann Lombard..

He advised that Ann Lombard left on foot 4-29-1996 & she has not been seen or heard from since...

Ann Lombard left behind four small children from the relationship & three other children from previous relationships...

Foul play is possible...


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Mja Inc--Mark



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Mja Inc Investigations

At one time Mja made contact with the Detective's working these Cases & that's how we know Nothing Is Being Done Concerning These Cases..

Mja is asking for People to Step-Up & take on one of these Missing Person's Cases..

A Fresh set of Eye's could make a Difference on any given Case..

PHOTO LABELS can be found in our Mja Photo Gallary..

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's


Starting Photo : 3796


Ending Photo : 3798



MISSING : 3 Year Old Christina Lynn Carter

The 3 year old vanished With-Out A Trace on 9-17-1973..

3 Year Old Christina Lynn Carter Was Last Seen In : Hueytown, Jefferson County, Alabama..



MISSING : 8 Year Old Amy Lee Fandel

The 8 year old white female Vanished With-Out A Trace on 9-5-1978..

8 Year Old Amy Lee Fandel was Last Seen Sterling Alaska..



13 Year Old Amy Marie Yachimec

The 13 year old white female disappeared on 11-6-1981..

13 Year Old Amy Marie Yachimec Was Last Seen In : Phoenix Arizona Located In Maricopa County..



MISSING : 14 Year Old Christina Marchell Richart

The 14 year old white female went Missing on 6-1-1999..

14 Year Old Christina Marchell Richart Was Last Seen With Her Aunt Traveling To California..



MISSING : 6 Year Old Tracy Lynn Davenport

The 6 year old Black Female disappeared on 4-27-1973..

6 Year Old Tracy Lynn Davenport Was Last Seen In San Rafael California Located In Marin County..



MISSING : 9 Year Old Lisa Dickinson

The 9 year old white female Vanished With-Out A Trace on 9-5-1976..

9 Year Old Lisa Dickinson Was Last Seen In Walnut Creek California Located in Contra Costa County..



MISSING : 9 Year Old Sarah Arielle Skiba

The 9 year old white female disappeared on 2-7-1999..

9 Year Old Sarah Arielle Skiba Was Last Seen In Grandy Colorado Located In Grand County..



MISSING : 7 Year Old Janice K. Pockett

The 7 year old disappeared With-Out A Trace on 7-26-1973..

7 Year Old Janice K. Pockett Was Last Seen In Tolland Connecticut Located In Tolland County..



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Mja Inc Staff

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { BILLY } : Missing 8-24-2004 From Connecticut

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Mja Inc Investigations


Mja Case File Date : 7-28-16

Photo's for this Case can be found in our Mja Photo Gallary..

Under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to Page--64..

Starting Photo : 3781


Ending Photo : 3795


Missing : 31 Year Old White Male WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR


Billy went Missing on 8-24-2004 from Waterbury Connecticut..

BILLY : Was Last Seen At His Residence On Holly Street in Waterbury Connecticut Between 3:00 To 3:45pm..

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR was in good Physical & Mental Health..

BILLY : Had No History Of Drug Use & Had No Police Record..

BILLY : Only Drank On A Social Basis..

On 8-24-2004 Billy went over to his Next-Door Neighbor's Residence to ask her if she would look after his Dog

Because he was leaving for a few days concerning a Car..

BILLY : Was to bring her his keys so she could go inside to feed the Dog but he never did...

BILLY : Has never been heard from again..

BILLY'S : Bank Accounts Havent Been Accessed Since His Last Bank Deposit Right Before He Disappeared..

BILLY'S : Social Security Number Has Not Been Used Since His Disappearence..

Chad Hanson told Investigator's that SMOLINSKI had been Murdered & he knew where the Body was..

Hanson claimed that Shaun Karpiuk had beaten SMOLINSKI to Death & Hanson helped Karpiuk to Bury The Remains..

Please Visit Billy's Web-Site : http://www.justice4billy.com/

Posted on Mja Web-Site :



Scroll Down To Case 90..


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Mja Inc Staff


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Mja Inc Investigations


As of 7-28-16 Mja has joined in on the search for Missing :

WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR who goes by the name : Billy..

A mutual friend { Kathy Rivera } put Jan Smolinski { Billy's Mother }& Mja together..

Jan Smolinski reached out to Mja & we had a long conversation...

We came up with 3 common goals which the most important is locating Billy..

Jan Smolinski has given Mja permission to work on the Case & to move forword..

31 year old WILLIAM P SMOLINSKI JR { Billy } disappeared on 8-24-2004 from Waterbury Connecticut..

Billy has become our 90th case : Mja Case File : BPS--090..

At this time the Case File isnt complete & when its completed we will post the Case File..

The Smolinski Family has been locked into a nightmare by the Police who are Investigating the Case & the towns Justice System..

Jan Smolinski has been arrested--sued & lied to by this Police Agency Investigating the disappearence of her son Billy..

But yet the Guilty Parties involved in Billys disappearence is roaming wild with no legal action taken against them...

The Guilty Parties do what they want & when they want with no legal action taken against them...

No Victims Family members should ever be arrested for trying to find answers to what happened to their Missing Loved One..

The courts should never entertain the thought of pursusing a Law Suit against the Victims Family brought forth by people where their Guilt is still in question..

The Police Agency involved in the Case should never lie to the Victims Family or paint a picture of the Victim stating he was nothing but a mean person..

When there is NO DOCUMENTED Evidence that says this could be true...

Even IF that was true dosent mean Law-Enforcement shouldnt do their job concerning this Case..

The tactics used by the Police Department & the Guilty Parties against the Victims Family is major Red Flags that something is wrong with the Investigation..

Mja understands without question what we are up against & we understand what needs to be done & we plan on bringing everything to the surface for all to see..

Mja never shy's away from a Case because its difficult & with our experience we can adjust to what needs to be done...

Mja will keep the Public up-dated when we can...


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Mja Inc Staff



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Mja Inc Investigations

This is a Notice of Intent to all the internet Trolls attacking Mja & our work..

We are sick of your slanderous with malice comments about Mja on Public Forums with no documents of evidence to prove your comments..

You Trolls have upset some of our Clients & that's where we draw the line..

As of 7-29-16 our 3 founding partners has turned over your slanderous comments to our legal department..

Mja is taking the stand in the form of a Law Suit..

Yes we are taking you to court !!!

After upsetting some of our Clients you leave us no choice..

I have given you warning after warning to back-off with no luck because you people failed to listen to reason & you failed to pay attention to our documented evidence..

Those warnings we gave you time & time again will also be presented in court..

The comments you made about our Staff being handicapped & wishing us good luck at the Special Olympics will tell everyone the kind of Human Beings you are...

I will admit we have 2 people at Mja that is labeled as being Handicapped...

One of them is me & I have CMT & MS but yet you will find me in the woods--in the mountains--walking in the streams & rivers every month conducting searches..

Where will we find you--well I can tell you--your hiding behind a keyboard..

I don't get a government check for my disability--I have worked all my life..

Mja has a Profiler who just earned his college degree today 7-29-16 & he is confined to a wheel chair..

I wont be dealing with you Internet Trolls anymore it will be our Lawyers...

Don't think for one minute we cant track you down because we have the resources to do so...

If we can track down a Serial Killer that operated from 1981 to 1988 its going to be easy for our tech people to track you down..

You Trolls fail to realise that anything you put on the internet your leaving a digital fingerprint that leads back to you...

But we are going to make it easy for you to pay the damages..

Because we don't want to ruin your Life or for the Trolls that have Families we don't want to ruin your Family because of your mistakes..

Mja has 20 Internet Trolls in our files that have been attacking Mja by using slanderous with malice comments with no evidence to back up your claims..


Here is a sample of documented evidence that Mja will be using in court :

This is from Martha Hamilton who is the Sister of Missing : 2 & 1/2 year old Elizabeth Ann Gill went Missing on 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri...

May, 2012: I work with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children as a Team Hope volunteer. A friend in this group suggested I contact Mark for help in finding Beth. Mark and his group MJA, Inc Investigators have worked tirelessly to bring us answers. He and I believe we’ve made progress but aren’t quite there in finding Beth. Mark has brought a different outlook to the case, and has been a wonderful mentor and source of encouragement. The Gill family will be forever grateful for all the hours Mark and his team have spent searching with us.


Mja has 100’s of these types of documented evidence & several from Law-Enforcement Agencies across the nation..

You Internet Trolls have no such documented evidence to back up your comments..

In court you have to produce evidence to back up your claims..

Mja will be asking in damages 500 to a 1000 dollars from each one of you & we will determine your cost by what you posted & how manytimes you posted..

You cant lie because we saved your comments & as I said Mja has a file for you Internet Trolls..

When you lose a Law Suit like this your the ones that have to pay the Lawyer fee’s & court cost..

Well our Lawyers are only going to charge you 1 dollar where they could charge you up to 1000 dollars an hour & the court cost we have no control over that..

So Mja wants to thank-you internet trolls because when we collect your money there will be enough to run our operations for almost 3 years...

So during that time our staff wont have to give their money to do our work..

Hey if you want keep posting your slanderous comments that's just more money we will get from you to run our operations..

Good-Luck in court because your going to need it..

KNOCK-KNOCK--Who’s there--well that will be you being served court papers to appear in court..



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Mja Inc Investigations

1950's Missing Person Cases

Photo's concerning these Cases are in our : Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under : Mja Inc Investigations Case Photo's

Go to Page 61 & ending on page 62..

Starting Photo : 3646


Ending Photo : 3681


Evelyn Throsby Scott

63 year old White Female : Evelyn Throsby Scott went Missing on 5-16-1955 from Los Angeles California.. 


Evelyn Throsby Scott, also known as Evelyn Throsby Mumper was last seen on the afternoon of 5-16-1955...

When she and her husband Ewing test drove a new car...

Ewing Scott never filed a missing persons report for his wife..

Rebuffed questions from friends & relatives about where she might be..

Ewing Scott told two different stories :

1.. Ewing said his Wife had run off..

2..He said he had put his Wife in a sanitarium to cure her alleged alcoholism...

Searching the house and its landscaped grounds, the police found metal snaps from women's underclothing in the incinerator...

In an adjoining lot were false teeth and eyeglasses, later identified as Evelyn Scott's..

After two years as a fugitive Ewing was arrested in April 1957...

Despite the absence of a body Ewing was tried & convicted of murder & was sentenced to life imprisonment..

He was released from prison in 1978 and died in 1987...

Evelyn Throsby Scott has never been found..


Donnis Marie Redman

I5 year old White Female went Missing on 3-1-1958 from San Pedro California..


Donnis Redman was last seen with her boyfriend Michael on 3-1-1958 in Las Vegas, Nevada...

The car of the boyfriend was found in Williams Arizona a few days later...

Boyfriend Michael James Griffin, age 18 is also still missing...


Walcie Rae Downing

32 year old American Indian Female Walcie Rae Downing went Missing on 12-14-1956 from Gallup New Mexico ...


Also missing is a 1952 or 1954 Ford cream colored with faded tan possibly bought in Casa Grande Arizona..

Walcie Rae Downing was last seen on 12-14-1956 in New Mexico...

Walcie left behind 5 children...


Amelia J. Zelko

47 year old White Female : Amelia J. Zelko went Missing on 9-25-1957 from Joliet Illinois..


Amelia Zelko AKA : Molly disappeared from Illinois in 1957..

Zelko was a newspaperwoman running a weekly paper in Joliet. ..

Amelia Zelko had blasted mobsters & political corruption on the front page of her weekly newspaper The Spectator...

On the Spectator's pages Molly had also actively crusaded against gambling...

It is unknown if any of this was related to her disappearance...

Zelko left her newspaper's Cass Street office just before 23:30...

A bartender later said she'd stopped in for a drink & used a pay phone on her way home....

Zelko then parked in front of 413 Buell Avenue, where she lived in a second-floor apartment...

On the same day that Zelko disappeared a witness claimed that she saw some men bury the body of a woman near her home but Zelko was never recovered...

All that was found of Zelko were her two shoes...

When she was in danger she had told friends she would kick off her shoes & run...

At first police believed Zelko had been kidnapped but no ransom note arrived...

Searches were done but no trace of Zelko was found...

Zelko was declared legally dead in 1964...


Evelyn Grace Hartley

15 year old White Female : Evelyn Grace Hartley went Missing on 10-24-1953 from La Crosse Wisconsin..


Hartley disappeared 10-24-1953 from the home of a La Crosse State College professor where she was babysitting...

The 15 year old Hartly was supposed to call her parents during the evening but did not...

Hartly's Father became worried & went to the house to check on his daughter...

Hartley's father found all the windows in the house locked except a basement window in the back...

Bloodstains were found around that window & in the grass of the yard & there was a bloody hand print on the side of the house next door...

The furniture inside the living room was disarranged...

Hartley's eyeglasses which were broken & one of her shoes were on the living room floor...

Her other shoe was found in the basement. ..

The twenty-month-old girl she had been babysitting was found unharmed & sleeping in her crib...

Tracker dogs traced Hartley's scent as far as the street leading authorities to believe she had been taken away in a car...

They believe she disappeared at approximately 19.15...

Evelyn Grace Hartley never was found though there was an intensive search...

Foul play is suspected...


Audrey Moate

31 year old White Female : Went Missing on 11-24-1956 from near Laplace Louisiana..


Audrey Moate was last seen at Frenier Beach near Laplace Louisiana on 11-24-1956..

In the morning of 11-24-1956 a hunter & his son were hunting in the woods along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain when they saw a blue four sedan parked five yards from the water...

They spotted a man & a woman in the backseat...

3 hours later another hunter noticed the sedan with a man in a strange position in the back seat...

The hunter did not stop to investigate...

At 10.30 the next day the first hunters came across the car in the same position & found the man they had surprised the day before shot dead in the car...

The woman was nowhere to be seen...

On the ground were the partial contents of a woman's purse--female clothing & shoes were found on the floor of the car...

The car keys were still in the ignition...

The man was identified as Thomas Hotard 46...

There was a small hole in the rear window of the car indicating that a shotgun was pressed against the glass when it was fired...

Hotard had been shot in the back...

Leading from the car toward the woods were prints of bare feet small enough to be a woman's...

The prints were spaced far apart indicating the woman had been running...

Mingled with these were the tracks of a man's boots...

Five feet away from the scene of the crime was a place where it looked like a scuffle had taken place & on the ground another set of car keys were found. ..

The footprints ended at a road that leads to the main highway & there investigators found a single tire track possibly from a motorcycle...

There were no other physical evidence...

Audrey's car was later located at the cafe where she had met up with Hotard who was married...

The keys found at the crime scene fit the ignition...

There has been many rumors--speculations & even confessions in the case...

However Audrey has never been located & Thomas Hotard's killer never identified...


Marjorie Croude McKinley Chillingworth

56 year old White Female : Went Missing on 6-14-1955 from West Palm Beach  Florida...


Chillingworth was last seen with her husband Judge Curtis Chillingworth at a dinner in West Palm Beach Florida on 6-14-1955...

They left the dinner about 22.00, for their Manapalan home...

They had hired a carpenter to come the morning of June 15 to build a playground for the grandchildren..

The carpenter arrived at 8.00. The door was open & the home was empty...

Chillingworth didn't show up for a 10.00 hearing at the courthouse in West Palm Beach...

Police found a shattered porch light--drops of blood on the walkway to the beach & two used spools of adhesive tape--one in the sand & one in the living room....

The keys were still in the ignition of Chillingworth's Plymouth...

An extensive search turned up no clues...

In 1957, Curtis and Marjorie Chillingworth were declared dead..

Judge Joseph Peel was the city's only municipal judge. Peel was protecting bolita operators and moonshiners..

In 1953 he represented both sides in a divorce...

His superior, Chillingworth, gave him only a reprimand with the warning that this was his last chance...

In June 1955, with Judge Chillingworth possibly about to end Peel's career over the non-divorce fiasco Peel had been in a panic..

Lucky Holzapfel & accomplice Bobby Lincoln pleade Guilty to the Murders on that night of 6-14-1955..

Lucky pulled a pistol from under his shirt & forced the Judge & his wife into the boat...

After the boat drifted for about an hour the couple were thrown overboard with lead weights strapped to their legs...

On December 12 Lucky pleaded guilty to both murders and was sent to Death Row...

On March 30, 1961 Judge Joseph Peel was found guilty of accessory to murder...

He received two life sentences..

The accomplice to the murder Bobby Lincoln, finished his federal prison term in Michigan in 1962..


Rebecca Ann Triska

15 year old White Female : Went Missing on 9-19-1958 from Ambridge Pennsylvania...


Triska was last seen in a car with an unidentified older male at the Route 88 Drive-In Restaurant in Harmony Township just north of Ambridge Pennsylvania on 9-19-1958..

She never made it home...

Rebecca Ann Triska had gone to a teen dance in Ambridge with friends...

Becky left the dance & two boys who happened to leave the dance around the same time spoke to Becky in front of the theater. ..

Rebecca Ann Triska was alone but an older man they estimated around 35 was standing in the area & offered to give Becky a ride home...

The boys commented that the man was too old to give Becky a ride & they said he walked away...

Police arrested an Ambridge man when they learned that the car Becky was last seen in closely resembled his car...

At the time he was a parolee on a Florida morals charge...

He denied knowing Becky but refused to take a lie detector test...

He was held on suspicion of a felony while his car was sent to the Allegheny County Crime Lab...

He had an alibi...

Police learned the identity of the girl that he had a date with on the night Becky disappeared...

With no body & not enough evidence he was released...

He was never charged for Becky's murder...

In 1962 this same man was convicted & sentenced to death for the 1961 beating death of 13-year old Jane Benfield of Centralia Columbia County...

His death sentence was later commuted to life...

He died in prison of cancer in the '90s...

Rebecca Ann Triska was declared dead in 1967...

Her body has never been found...


Elsie Mae Roane

16 year old White Female : Went Missing on 5-20-1957 from West Point Virginia..


Elsie Roane was last seen out on the street in West Point Virgina on 5-20-1957 carrying two suitcases..

There are very clues concerning this Case..


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Mja Inc Staff












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Mja Inc Investigations

As of 6-1-16 Mja has been operating for 15 years & we have shared alot of success..

Each year we have grown larger,with more staff members and taking on more cases..

At this time we have 44 staff members & 18 of us are related to each other in some way..

Mja has 89 cases we are working on covering 12 States & we are consultants of dozens of cases that isnt in the 12 States we travel too..

Our 3 founding partners would like to thank our Volunteer Staff for all the work they do..

We would like to Thank our staff for the Money they spend & for their Time they give to carry out our work..

Mja would like to Thank our staff members Family for their support because sometimes we are on the road for a month at a time..

Mja would like to Thank our internet contacts--street contacts & informants..

A very Special Thanks goes out to Karen Jo Smith's Family because Missing Karen Jo Smith became our very first case..

Karen Jo's Family is the main reason Mja grew the way it did..

Because the Family would tell other Families about Mja that needed our kind of help & would pass on our contact info..

Special Thanks go out to our clients for trusting Mja & our work & we are Honored to be working on your Loved One's Case..

Special Thanks go out to :

Todd Matthews of the Doe Network--Yahoo Cold Case Group & Namus..

Monica Caison of the Cuecenter..

Patty Beeken Former Founder at 4thekids Missing Kid Services..

Leah of the Indiana K-9 Unit..

During our 15 years Mja has asked these 4 People for advice concerning certain Cases & they alway replied back..

Alot of times their input helped a great deal..

Thanks to Chris's Crime Forum..

To the Law-Enforcement Agencies that we work side by side with because they trust the work we do & these Agencies realize by working togather it benefits the Case..

Mja would like to Thank all the media out-lets that gave news coverage to the Case we are working on..

Special Thanks to Our new Friends :

Sevgi Fernandez is the Founder/CEO of Together We Stand


The Tracy Fort Radio Talk Show



Its an Honor for Mja to be working with you 2 & your Group..

Its been an amazing 15 years & we are excited about the years to come with plans on growing larger to take on more Cases...

Thank you everyone for making a dream come True..

Mja has been Blessed !!


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Mja Inc Staff


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Mja Inc Investigations

To Our Critic's :

Mja doesn't have to prove anything to you..

First of all Mja was founded because we had a Family Member who was Murdered..

At this time Mja has 44 Staff Members & 18 of us are related in some way..

Mja has shared a lot of success since 6-1-2001 when we started..

Our work is Documented :

Including e-mails to & from Clients--Law-Enforcement & the Media..

Our Loyality is to the Victim & to the Victims Family..

Mja at this time is working on 89 cases covering 12 States...

Mja is also Consultants for dozens of other Cases when there not in the 12 States we travel too..

Mja has documented Evidence that proves our Travels..

Photo's of the crime scenes & our searches & Meeting the Victims Family contact Info..

A lot of the Families we work for has seen our work first hand & that's how we grew so large because they would tell other Families about Mja..

Our Web-Site is an educational tool & most of the Info posted is Public Record..

We make & post {You Tube Video's} concerning some of our Cases..

Mja is known across the Nation..

If Mja didn't have any value we wouldn't have been told by our peers that we are the 3rd leading company in the Nation that does this type of work..

In June 2008 our Mja Web-Site was voted top Web-Site of the Year..

Documented evidence to prove that also..

If Mja wasn't legit we wouldn't have been Guest Speakers at a National Conference for Cold Case Investigators across the Nation..

Mja was invited to speak at the conference by the Indiana State Police..

Mja put on a slide show of the cases we were working on & a lot of those cases we got some input by some of the Cold Case Investigator's at the conference..

That's also Documented by Photo's--- e-mails to & from the Indiana State Police arranging the details.


If Mja didn't know what we were doing we wouldn't have been on a Radio Talk Show about a Death Investigation in Louisiana concerning a Case that Mja were consulting on..

The show aired on 5-25-16 & on 6-2-16 they exhumed the Body to do a full Autopsy because an Autopsy had never been done..

A Death Investigation was never done concerning the case..

Mja was told we had a big part in making this happen but to Mja it was a Team effort..

Mja wasn't the only ones working on the case trying to help the Victims Mother seek the answers she was looking for..

There are No Ego's at this door-step...

Its all about the Case..

Mja was asked by the Radio Host & another group called Togather We Stand if Mja had anymore Cases we could do on the show..

Mja has documented evidence that proves that :

You can listen to the Radio Show the link is on our Web-Site..

Now here is the kicker Mja Never Charges For The Services We Provide..

Its our Staff Members Money & our time we use to do this type of work..

To our Critic's Mja is trying to make a difference & in some Cases we have..

Mja admits we don't know everything & we are not above learning & yes sometimes we have made mistakes..

We are after all Human..

So whats up with your Attitude of Mja trying to help Families in need..

Mja isn't hurting you & as far as I can tell you have nothing to do with our Work..

I cant help it that you have a negative Attitude towards Mja when we can prove who we are & the services we provide..

Its all in Black & White : Do your research before you attack our work & our work ethic & morals & say Mja is a Fake..

You have no factual evidence to back up your Claims..

All you can do is hide behind a key-board & be an Internet Troll & make false Claims..

Mja isn't bragging & we don't have ego's to satisify we are speaking the actual Truth & the facts about Mja..

When Mja has factual evidence that proves we provide the services that's listed on our Web-Site...

All of our work is Documented open your eyes & get a Life & leave Mja alone..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff




Posted by mja--inc--investigations on June 6, 2016 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (1)


Mja Inc Investigations

To whom it may concern :

To the Hacker--the Info your looking for isn't stored on site or online...

We protect :

Our sources--Private Client Info--Witnesses--Law-Enforcement contacts--Private Contacts--Private Staff Members..

We only release Info when we are told its ok..

The only thing you have got going for you at this time is you know how to hide ...

But when the real pressure is on & you are being hunted knowing if you get caught your facing Prison you will make mistakes..

Now lets get to the point :

How stupid do you think we are ?

We know about Hacking & try to remember we have been doing this since 2001 and no one has ever been successful getting into our system to find Private Info...

We use a key code to be able to read the Private files..

Without knowing the key code which is also not stored on site or on-line its impossible to read...

Trust me we take our security seriously & its all legal Mja is bound by law not to reveal & to protect Private Info & that includes protection from Hackers..

What your doing is breaking the law...

You have multiple counts just trying to hack us ..

You must not understand who we are--we are legal--& there are federal laws that protects businesses & companies from Hackers..

If you cant get it :

Let me draw you a picture : WE ARE A COMPANY & we are protected by these laws..

Trust me your facing major Prison time now--so why don't we call it a day & stop wasting your time...

You cant even get past the first trap-door--shouldn't that tell you something..

It tells me you need a different job because you have proven to Mja you sure cant Hack..

Trust me Mja is at your back--door & we have resources you could only dream about..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark



Three Missing Females : Vermont & New York

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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's for these cases Photo's starts under Mja Case Photo Gallary..

Starting Pic : 3616


Ending Pic 3627 on Page 61..


Missing : 18 Year Old Lynne Kathryn Schulze

White Female

Missing Since : December 10, 1971

Location Last Seen : Middlebury, Addison County, Vermont


Lynne Kathryn Schulze was a freshman at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont and grew up in Simsbury, Connecticut...

Schulze was an avid outdoors person and spent many of her weekends exploring and hiking in New England...

Schulze frequently hitchhiked but always returned home...

She was very close with her family and it was out of character for her to not be in touch...

Lynne Kathryn Schulze was last seen on Friday, December 10, 1971, which was the first day of her final exams...

She left behind all of her personal property, including her wallet and sleeping bag...

The following is a timeline of the day she disappeared :

7:45 AM Lynne’s roommate leaves and Lynne is still sleeping...

12:30 PM Lynne is seen by a fellow student outside a building that houses the bus station and a local health food store, All Good Things, on Court Street in Middlebury...

She is eating dried prunes that she purchased at All Good Things and says she is going to New York, but the bus has already left...

Lynne walked back to campus with a fellow college student...

12:45 PM Lynne is seen by a friend and fellow student in her dorm room...

The two have a final exam together at 1:00 PM. Lynne does not want to talk about the exam, and is distracted and looking for her favorite pen..

12:50 PM Lynne is seen by the same friend and is still in her dorm room..

12:55 PM Lynne is no longer in her dorm room and the friend goes to the final exam..

1:00 PM Lynne did not take her final exam...

2:15 PM Lynne is seen standing on Court Street by another fellow college student..

She is across from the bus station and the health food store...

This is the last time she is ever seen...

In July 2012, police received an anonymous tip that Robert Durst owned a health food store in Middlebury around the time of Lynne's disappearance...

In 2015, Durst was arrested on a first-degree murder charge of Susan Berman, his longtime friend, who was killed in 2000...

In 2003, he was acquitted in the 2001 dismemberment death of his neighbor while living in Texas...

Durst has long been suspected in the 1982 disappearance of his first wife, Kathie Durst...

While Durst is not a suspect in Lynne's disappearance, police are investigating a possible link...

We believe that anonymous tip that Robert Durst owned a health food store in Middlebury around the time of Lynne's disappearance...

It only make sense that Durst should be looked at for the Disappearance's of Missing New York College Students Karen Louise Wilson & Suzanne Gloria Lyall....

There is also another person to check out for at least 2 of these crimes & that is : John Regan..

Reign of Terror Over, John Regan Incarcerated For 15 Years


Missing : 22 Year Old Karen Louise Wilson

Missing since March 27, 1985 from Albany, Albany County, New York...


Wilson was a full-time senior at New York State University - Albany...

Karen Louise Wilson was last seen leaving The Tanning Hut at 1670 Central Avenue in Colonie, NY on March 27, 1985...

Wilson left the business at approximately 19:20. Another sighting of Wilson was reported at Fuller Road shortly thereafter. .

Wilson has never been seen or heard from again...

Foul play is suspected. ..


Suzanne Gloria Lyall

Missing since March 2, 1998 from Albany, New York ..

Age at Time of Disappearance: 19 years old

On the evening of 3-2-1998 Suzanne left from her job at a local mall to walk to the bus stop...

She is believed to have boarded the bus and was last seen around 21.45, getting off the bus at Collins Circle in the center of the SUNY-Albany uptown campus heading toward her dorm room. ..

Suzanne Gloria Lyall never arrived at her dorm room and has not been heard from since...

Her ATM card was used the following day by an unknown person but her credit cards were never used..


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark



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Mja Inc Investigations

Photo's for these cases Photo's starts under Mja Case Photo Gallary--Starting Pic : 3592 & ending Pic 3600 on Page 61..

Two Missing Females in 1991 & 1994 From Arizona..

Missing : 22 Year Old Corinne Hoke

The 22 year old Female Missing since 6-28-1991 from Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona ..


Missing : 22 Year Old Corinne Hoke

The 22 year old Female Missing since 6-28-1991 from Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona ..


On 6-28-1991 at around 18.00..

Shelley Hoke was last heard from when she telephoned her parents...

The 22 year old Female told her parents that she was going to the Sky Harbor Airport ..

So the 22 year old Hoke could visit them soon thereafter but she never arrived. ..

Shelley’s family hasn’t heard from her & foul play is suspected in Shelley’s disappearance...


Missing 34 Year Old Female From Arizona

Missing : 34 year old Shannon Joy Schell

Shannon Joy Schell has been Missing since 10-12-1994 from Pima County Arizona..


Schell was last seen as she left to hike the Tanque Verde Ridge Trail in the Rincon Mountains east of Tucson...

When the 34 year old Female did not return, a search was begun with 120 volunteers, a helicopter and dogs...

Shannon Joy Schell's car was found parked in the trailhead lot, her wallet, money & jewelry were locked in the trunk...

The 34 year old Female was thought to be on a day hike & thus probably carried light supplies....


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark



Missing : Felix Torres Morales

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Mja Inc Investigations

Missing : 21 Year Old From Chicago Illinois

Felix Torres Morales (DOB 26-Aug-1955) was last seen around June or July of 1977 in Chicago Illinois when he was 21 years old..

Professional reconstruction artist Carl Koppelman-on Facebook- was asked by a woman named Marcelina Torres to do an age progression of how her brother Felix Torres Morales might look today at age 60..

Marcelina is in search of her missing brother..

His recon appears on his Facebook page..


Photos for these cases can be found at :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photos-- Page 60

Starting Photo : 3580


Ending Photo :  3591


Felix Torres Morales traveled to Buffalo New York from Chicago...

His sisters received a couple of letters from him, sent from the Bronx area..

But they never heard from him after that..

No phone calls were ever received from him...

38 years after he was last seen, Felix Torres Morales is still MISSING...

Problem in the family searches is this: there are a lot of Felix Morales and Felix Torres Morales(or just Felix Morales) in Bronx New York & California-but none checked out on online search websites-have right age or birthdate/year..

Felix Torres Morales left Chicago Illinois at age 22 for Buffalo New York with friends..

The 22 year old Morales was there in 1978-then went on with friends to Bronx NYC...

There was for two years-in which Felix Torres Morales wrote a few letters to family in Chicago, via his girlfriend, Nilsa Morales..

Family thinks he met Nilsa in Buffalo New York..

All they know is she was originally born in Cuba...

Family doesn't know if she and Felix ever married-they never said-and family lost total touch with Felix within 2 yrs after he went to Bronx New York..

In 1979 or 1980 Felix Torres Morales wrote a few letters that were addressed from 10-10 Hazen St., Elmhurst, NY-which was Riker's Island minimum security-where they serve a sentence of a year or less...

Felix Torres Morales had stated that he'd been arrested-but not for what or how long he was there..

His letters return address had also his name as Felix Torres...

The Dept. of Corrections in NYC-was called there-and they said their records only go back to 2004,& we would need an ID/prisoner number to search for him there...

We never got that from Felix.!

Found a Felix Torres that was buried in Potters Field on Harts Island, NYC-same age-but name not listed as Felix Morales..

We called there and they only go by Dental records, and we don't have those for Felix, as his Dentist in Chicago, Illinois he went to-long since retired and his office is now another business...

Felix went to school in Chicago..

To a vocational school and High school..

William Wells High School, 936 N Ashland Ave. Chicago Illinois..


Posted by :

Mja Site Member---Shane


Releasing Info

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 31, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations

TO : All Staff, Web-Site Members, & Guest's :

Please never blog about any Info that has never been released to the Public on any given Case..

There are sound reasons why such Info was never released to the Public..

You must take into account that releasing such Info on a Public Forum could put you or your Loved One's in Danger..

You must remember that as we track Abductor's & Killers some follow Social Media & Public Forums to see how close the investigation is getting to them...

Any Info that you want to share that hasnt been released to the Public should be e-mailed to : mja_inc@hotmail.com


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff



People Wonder Why

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on March 15, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)




Mja Inc Investigations

People Wonder why Mja has to blog attack certain Police Agencies & Detectives & Prosecutors & the Justice System..

People must understand most of our Cases are Cold-Cases & there is no active investigation into about 90 percent of those Cases...

But when Mja gets involved on behalf of the Victims Family you have some Police Agencies say :

That we can be Jailed for interfering with a Police Investigation..

When there is no active Police Investigation..

Mja has even had Police Agencies saying they were going to jail our client--A Victims Family Member...

Police Agencies has even told some of our Clients :

That if they didn't get rid of Mja they were going to put their Loved Ones case back on the shelf & let it collect dust...

Really is that the way you handle the Family of the Victim when all they want is answer's ????

These Police Agencies cant say it didn't happen because we have multiple witnesses..

But yet Mja has been labeled by some Poilce Agencies as " Trouble Makers "...

Its not our fault that when we turn over a Report & that Report leads to the mistakes made by Police during the Investigation...

All we ask :

Is for them to correct as many of the mistakes they can & move forword...

In certain States & Counties they are breaking Federal law concerning The Freedom Of Information Act by not providing the files legally requested when there is No sound reason why they cant..

In certain States & Counties they don't follow Federal Guide-Lines concerning a Death Investigations...

Reading Autopsy Reports where the M.E. would put question marks on the report..

That concerns certain injuries & requested the Investigators contact him...

But the Investigators never contact him..

Because of that 7 out of 10 cases might be ruled as the cause of Death being : Uncertain

Mja is not down on all Law-Enforcement we work with a lot of Police Agencies...

The Things Mja pointed out is because the people involved didn't do their JOB'S & some think they are above the Law..

That's not our fault...

The Police is to " Protect & Serve " & you got some that just don't care...

Mja says stop wasting energy saying your going to take us to Jail or our clients...

Take that energy & put it into the Case...

Mja says why should the Police make Mja an issue-- when the solving the Case should be the issue...


Abuses In The Justice System & State Agencies

A little unknown fact about the :

Famous Charles Manson the head of The Family who killed for Manson was a Juvenile Inmate at a Indiana Boys School..

Manson was the first Inmate to come forward to report Abuse by the Boy's School Staff...

When the news story broke Manson's reward was a transfer to an Adult Prison...

Where Manson was sexually assaulted over & over again..


Orphanage & State Adoption Agency

In the late 1930's a Home in Tennessee opened up for Orphan's....

The years pasted & sometime in the 1970's the Den-Mother of the Home hooked up with a Judge...

The Judge became the middle-man in getting the Home to become a State Adoption Agency..

Soon the Judge was directing clients to the Home to Adopt a Child & the Judge took care of the legal documents in his court..

This led to the Den-Mother of the Home & the Judge making a Profit by arranging Adoptions...

To keep the income flowing the Judge in his court :

If you were convicted of a Felony & you had Children the Children were taken away & put into the Home..

In a lot of Cases these Children were adopted out..

It has even been said because of the Homes staff later on in the years could have been involved in Kidnapping small Children..

This went on until they were caught in the 1980's & the Tennessee Home was closed..

These People were literally selling children for a profit...


In Georgia a Supervisor for the State Lab was falsifying Evidence including DNA sending innocent People to Prison & some to Death Row..

Because of the Female Supervisors actions it led the Georgia Supreme Court over-turning 3,000 Cases that she was involved in during her 20 years of service..

This led to some actual Guilty People to be set Free..


A Judge In Pennsylvania Sold Children To Private Prisons For Cash

A Pennsylvania Judge was sentenced to 28 years for literally selling children to private prisons for a profit...

The Judge was jailing thousands of kids & adults to be sent to the private Prisons..

Some of the kids are as young as ten years old...

Around 4,000 convictions that were issued by the Judge between 2003 & 2008 have been overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court due to his violations of their constitutional rights...

Among the young people exploited by the Judge :

A 15-year-old Female who was sentenced to three months at a juvenile detention center for mocking an assistant principal on a MySpace page....

A 10 year-old Boy who was sent to a boot camp for two weekends after being accused of trespassing in a vacant building...

Another Pennsylvania Judge used his position to shut down the county-run juvenile detention center & redirect juvenile detainees to the private prisons...


Judges Abuse Of Power When Handing Down A Sentence

There has been several Judges across the United States that will give a person in possession of weed 20 to 30 years..

But the same Judge will give a person on a Murder charge breaking it down to Man-Slaughter 7 to 21 years...

These same Judges have a record of giving light sentences to Child-Molesters leading them to become a multiple sex offender...

In some Cases it has led to Murdering the Child because the Pedifile doesn't want to return to Prison..

When the truth is this sex offender shouldn't have been walking our streets in the first place : They should have been in Prison...


Virginia Judge Abuse Of Power

When the 3 strikes law came into effect a Virginia Judge decided to test the Law...

A offender was convicted of petty theft..

But the Judge took it upon his self to hit the offender with a felony habital offender because he had several arrest for petty theft..

By the Judge making it a Felony & the offender had one conviction for petty theft & felony theft the 3 stikes law came into affect..

The Offender was sentenced to 37 years...

The petty theft that was turned into a felony was him stealing a 35 cent candy bar...

37 years for stealing a 35 cent candy bar...

It took the Virginia Supreme Court 9 years to over-turn the conviction...


People Wonder Why : Well Mja just gave you some reasons why...


Posted by :

Mja Inc--Mark



Missing Person Cases In Western States

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Mja Inc Investigations

Missing Person Cases In The States Of :

Montana -- Nevada -- New Mexico -- Oregon -- Utah -- Washington & Wyoming

Photos for these cases can be found at :

Mja Case Photo Gallary

Under :

Mja Inc Investigations Case Photos-- Page 59

Starting Photo : 3481


Ending Photo : 3525



Welcome To Montana : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Ellen Beth Sloan 52 Year Old White Female

The 52 year old Sloan went Missing on 4-16-2005 from Polson Montana..


Sloan was last seen at her home in Polson Montana on 4-16-2005 & hasn't been heard from again..

Ellen Beth Sloan was reported Missing on 4-23-2005 along with her silver Toyota Tundra extended cab Truck..

Sloan's vehicle was located on 4-28-2005 in a shopping center parking lot..

The vehicle was packed with Sloan's possessions...


Montana : Missing Person Case

Missing : Nicole Yvonne Waller 31 Year Old White Female

The 31 year old Waller went Missing on 2-14-2013 from Fairview Montana..


Nicole Yvonne Waller was last seen visiting her boyfriend in Fairview Montana..

Waller had been at her boyfriends place for a few weeks..

Waller left to drive home in Kalispell Montana in her maroon 1999 Ford Expedition but she never arrived..

The 31 year old Nicole Yvonne Waller has never been heard from again...

Later that day Waller's vehicle was found locked & abandoned in the Fort Peck Indian Reservation about 70 miles from Fairview Montana..


Welcome To Nevada : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Nancy Sue Wiesnies 58 Year Old White Female

The 58 year old Wiesnies went Missing on 1-1-2002 from Las Vegas Nevada..


Wiesnies last contacted her Family on 1-1-2004...

The 58 year old Wiesnies hasn't been heard from again..


Nevada : Missing Person Case

Missing : Tianna Binashye West 16 Year Old Native American Female

The 16 year old West went Missing on 10-23-2011 from Sparks Nevada..


West disappeared from Sparks Nevada on 10-23-2011..

Police believe that the 16 year old West left on her own free will..

Some say that West is in the local area or Reno or Carson City Nevada..


Welcome To New Mexico : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Darlene Marie Trujillo 20 Year Old Hispanic Female

The 20 year old Trujillo went Missing On 7-4-2001 from Albuquerque New Mexico..


Darlene Marie Trujillo was last seen in Albuquerque New Mexico on 7-4-2001..

Trujillo dropped off her young son at his GrandMothers residence & asked her to watch the Child for Trujillo was taking a 2-day trip to Arizona..

Trujillo was with a Hispanic Male at the time of her disappearance & he has been publicly indentified only as Jorge..

Jorge is wanted for questioning concerning this Case but Police haven't been able to locate him..


New Mexico : Missing Person Case

Missing : Shawntell Monique Waits 29 Year Old Black Female

The 29 year old Waits went Missing on 3-15-2006 from Albuquerque New Mexico..


Waits was last seen on 3-15-2006 & has never been heard from again...

Shawntell Monique Waits was one of over a dozen of Women who was reported Missing in the Albuquerque New Mexico area since 2001..


Welcome To Oregon : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Glenda Sue Shoptaugh 62 Year Old White Female

The 62 year old Female went Missing on 11-10-2005 from Estacada Oregon...


Shoptaugh resided with her son at the time of her disappearance..

The son left with a Friend to go Mushroom hunting & when he returned 4 to 5 hours later Glenda Sue Shoptaugh was gone..

Shoptaugh's Vehicle was also missing a brown 1985 Subaru station wagon which was located on 11-15-2005...

The vehicle was located on a forest service road just east of Estacada Oregon..

A computer search by Park Rangers led to the identity of the vehicle belonging to Glenda Sue Shoptaugh & she had been Reported as Missing..

Many searches were conducted for the 62 year old Female but nothing has ever been found..


Oregon : Missing Person Case

Missing : Lana June Sapala 50 Year Old White Female

Lana June Sapala went Missing on 5-14-2011 from Portland Oregon..


The 50 year old Sapala was last seen on 5-14-2011 & she has never been heard from again..

Lana June Sapala lived with a male friend at the time of her disappearance..


Welcome To Utah : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Maria Ines Salazar 14 Year Old Hispanic Female

The 14 year old Salazar went Missing on 2-16-2012 from Snowville Utah..


Maria disappeared on 2-16-2012 from Snowville Utah & Police believe that Salazar left on her own free will ..

The 14 year old Salazar might be with an adult male traveling in 200 Ford F-150 extended cab Truck..

Its possible that Salazar is in Mexico..


Utah : Missing Person Case

Missing : Rebecca Jane White 53 Year Old Native American Female

The 53 year old White went Missing sometime in the Year Of 2012 from Salt Lake City Utah..


White was last seen sometime in the Summer of 2012 in South Salt Lake City Utah..

Rebecca Jane White has never been heard from again..


Welcome To Washington : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Giovanna Katie Tyler 29 Year Old Native American Female

The 29 year old Tyler went Missing on 3-28-2004 from Tacoma Washington..


Tyler was last seen at her home in East Tacoma Washington on 3-28-2004 ...

The 29 year old Tyler was never heard from again..

Tyler's Family reported her Missing on 4-15-2004..

Tyler had a stormy relationship with her Husband at the time of her disappearance..

Tyler also had an order of protection against her Husband in August 2003..


Washington : Missing Person Case

Missing : Shantina Marie Smiley 29 Year Old White Female

The 29 year old Smiley went Missing on 3-13-2010 from Olympia Washington..


Smiley disappeared with her 8 year old son..

They were last seen in Olympia Washington on 3-13-2010 en-route from Silverdale to Castle Rock Washington to visit relatives..

Smiley got lost along the way & stopped to get directions & to use the Phone...

This was the last time anyone saw or heard from them...

The 29 year old Smiley & her 8 year old son never arrived in Castle Rock..

On 3-14-2010 Smiley's van found submerged in water on a remote beach north of Olympia Washington..

On 3-18-2010 the 8 year old boy's Body washed up on the Beach at the south end of Fox Island..

The 8 year old boy's body was recovered 16 miles from where the van was located..

Shantina Marie Smiley has never been found...


Welcome To Wyoming : Missing Person Cases

Missing : Katherine Ann Major 53 Year Old White Female

The 53 year old Major's went Missing on 9-19-2009 from Teton Villiage Wyoming..


Katherine Ann Major was last seen in Teton Villiage Wyoming on 9-19-2009...

The 53 year old Katherine Ann Major hasn't been heard from again...


Wyoming : Missing Person Case

Missing : Kristi Lynn Richardson 61 Year Old White Female

The 61 year old Richardson went Missing on 10-6-2014 from Casper Wyoming..


Kristi Lynn Richardson was last seen at her home in Casper Wyoming at 7:45pm on 10-6-2014...

The next day at 7:15am Richardson never arrived at work..

The 61 year old Richardson has never been heard from again..

Police went to Richardson's home on 10-7-2014 & there was evidence found that didn't fit a Missing Person Case..

It seemed more like that Richardson was Abducted..

Kristi Lynn Richardson had a Stalker who has not been publicly identified..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff




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Mja Inc Investigations

Please take 4:50 to watch this Music Video for Our US Troops & their Families..


Try to understand the Gravity of the situation that are Cold Hard Facts that we lose US Troops in War or Conflict..

When we lose a US Troop their loss effects many People & most of all it effects the Families & Friends..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff

Mja Inc Investigations Case Consultant

Posted by mja--inc--investigations on February 23, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)


Mja Inc Investigations


Phone : (518) 310-1479 Cell Phone : (518) 572-4641

To Whom It May Concern :

Dan Kincaid :

Is a Volunteer Case Consultant for Mja Inc Investigations concerning several Cases we are currently working on..

Mr. Kincaid provides :

Case Research

Case & Suspect Profiles

Talks To Law Enforcement

Interviews The Victims Family

A Problem Solver on many Subjects

Mr.Kincaid at this time is working on 3 High Profile Cases..


1.. Jason Dale Bolton : 16 years old

Accidental or Murdered On August 21, 1991

Bolton's Body was found in Franklin/Fayette Co. Laurel Indiana..


2.. Elizabeth Ann Gill : 2 Years & 10 Months Old

Missing : 6-13-1965 From Cape Girardeau, Missouri..


3.. Serial Child Kidnapper From 1960 to 1984..

This Case could reach 20 States..


Mja Inc Staff

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train

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Mja Inc Investigations

When this Music Video came out about the Missing Youth who were Missing for various reasons in our Country...

There was a high spike in Volunteers concerning the Missing..

The age group also changed the Volunteers were a younger group of people..

Some of them being 16 years of age with Parent Consent & many of them said they had seen the Music Video...

This also led to other recording artist's to realise that there was more just important Cause's then just Farm-Aide & HIV-Aides...

Many of these music groups done benefit concerts for the Missing...

Some can say these music groups were class B acts..

But the fact remains that they are recording artist's..

They reach 100's of thousand's of people while on tour..

Now with You Tube anyone can make a music video about the Missing that reaches millions of People..

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train




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Mja Inc Staff


In Search Of Mr.Berry Jr.

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Mja Inc Investigations


Mja entered this Missing Person Case on 9-27-15 becoming our 89th case & the search for Mr. Berry carries on..

Please click on the link below its the latest News Video on the Case which was done today 2-3-16..



Other links :





Mja would like to thank Mr. Berry’s Friends who have been doing an amazing job until Mja can get boots on the ground..


Posted by :

Mja Inc Staff